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The Trending hashtag #SavePAI is widely discussed by the public. MPL Conduct Investigation ! Games

The issue of technical problems experienced by one of the Alter Ego players, Rafli “Pai” Alvareza in the match against EVOS Legends which was finally discussed by many parties. The hashtag #SavePAI became the #1 trending topic on Twitter after the match.

The problem that makes it crowded is when PAI looks silent in the EVOS Legends base, but the referee does not immediately stop the match. The lack of knowledge about what goes on behind the scenes resulted in the audience speculating wildly.

In the Alter Ego support camp, it turns out that many do not accept it. They said Alter Ego would win at that time, but the technical problems faced by PAI made the match conditions one-sided.

In order to maintain the value of sportsmanship, MPL does not remain silent. Right now, they were still investigating the match between the two sides. We’re still looking for a good middle ground for EVOS Legends or Alter Ego.

You see, various comments have appeared that yesterday’s match was arranged for EVOS Legends to meet RRQ Hoshi. This of course can trigger provocation, considering that there are many “shadow” fans who often cause fights between supporters.

Meanwhile, we still have to wait for the results of the MPL investigation. Don’t speculate if you don’t have a solid basis.

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