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The Tell Me Why 1 to 3 Game is Now Free!

For those of you who enjoy games with full storylines, of course you know names like Life is Strange to Tell Me Why. Dontnot Entertainment as a developer does have the ability to mix games with the same theme.

Choose not to continue the sequel to Life is Strange, they will instead focus on Tell Me Why last year. In collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, Tell Me Why itself was first launched in 2022.

Tell Me Why with various LGBT elements

The Tell Me Why 1 to 3 Game is Now Free
Tell Me Why | Youtube

Through Tell Me Why, Dontnot returns with their ability to offer elements of Life is Strange quite thick in it. Apart from Tell Me Why, which was banned by several countries, including Indonesia.

The reason for this ban itself is because the game contains very LGBT elements in it. Like it or not, the game is currently not available for some countries that have not really accepted LGBT issues.

Microsoft is free Tell Me Why 1-3

The Tell Me Why 1 to 3 Game is Now Free 1
Tell Me Why | Youtube

Well, for those of you who are quite curious about the game, you have the opportunity to try Tell Me Why for free or for free now. How not, it is known that Microsoft is currently making Tell Me Why 1-3 free for one month.

You can claim this game for free if you have Windows 10 as your operating system. For those of you who are interested in claiming the game, you can visit following link this. You must have a Microsoft account before making a claim.

In addition, if you don’t find the game, you have to change your region to the United States. You can claim Tell Me Why 1-3 until the end of this month. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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