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The Super-powered Marksman, Hero Claude Mobile Legend

Claude Mobile Legend is the mainstay hero of the player games MOBA that has a monkey partner. Because it has super powers, hero this is always an option in tier epic to the top. In addition, Claude is also known for his unpredictable attacks.

However, you should play Claude carefully. The reason is, the slightest mistake in playing, can cause his potential to be wasted. Therefore, player need to understand Claude’s character, skills, itemsto its weakness.

Claude’s Story

Claude's story

Claude is known as a master thief. He can steal various objects even though he is surrounded by tight security. One of them is stealing weapons in Dr.’s laboratory. Rooney. During the action, Claude always invites Dexter.

However, Claude’s theft was not a crime, it was an art. The reason is, Claude always tells the target when he wants to steal. In fact, Claude was never afraid to face any obstacle before him. Undead, evil magic, to the fortress of darkness, Claude can always pass.

There is a unique story when Claude attempts to steal Dr. Rooney. Claude and his mysterious partner enter Dr. Rooney. There was a guard named Bruno. Who would have thought, Claude could be caught by this guard.

Finally, Claude goes to prison with advanced technology. Luckily, Claude’s mysterious partner helps him out of prison. Claude also managed to steal the latest tool created by Dr. Rooney.

Uniquely, Dr. Rooney left a short message on a piece of paper. Dr. Rooney asked Claude to tell him if he had found an innovation for the device.

Skills Claude Mobile Legend

Claude mobile legends skills
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Skill sets Claude is able to restore glory Super hero Marksman in Mobile Legend. Here’s a row skills hero Reliable Claude.

· Battle Side-by-side

Battle Side by Side is passive skills which was able to influence Dexter to attack with Claude. This attack earns 20% damage of the amount of Claude’s Basic Attack. Meanwhile, Dexter, will get the bonus effect of buff nor items.

· Open Fire

With this skill, Claude and Dexter attack consecutively for 3 seconds. The attack gave damage until Claude gets 80 Physical Damage. In addition, an attack capable of spawning passive skills20 shield, attack speed, and 400% attack bonus to minion.

· Battle Mirror Image

The Battle Mirror Image is used by Claude to swap places with a duplicate of Dexter created using Dr. Rooney. Duplicate Dexter is able to attack the opponent for five seconds. During that time, both Claude and the duplicates have a chance to get into the enemy’s midst.

· Art of Thievery

Art of Thievery is skills used to steal movement and attack speed belonging to the enemy before him. Bonus movement and attack speedit lasts for six seconds. Besides that, skills It is also capable of producing physical damage.

However, the Art of Thievery can’t be relied on as a source burst damage. As a replacement, player can speed up attack speed or slow down the enemy’s movement to launch an attack.

· Blazing Duet

Blazing Duet is a solution for those of you who want Claude and Dexter to shoot enemies at the same time. The duration of the shooting time is about 3 seconds with 80 damage. The skill also generates shield by 20 or +10 total Physical Attack.

Item Build Claude

Claude's build items

Besides skills, Claude can also be paired with items certain. Here’s a recommendation items right for Claude.

· Demon Hunter Sword

This item has a Unique Passive in the form of Devour. With Unique Passive, Claude’s damage increases by 10 percent of the total HP. The Devour effect can appear twice because there is skills Battle Side by Side.

As a result, Claude was able to take out four damage in one attack. Besides, Claude’s basic attacks can have an effect lifesteal a maximum of 10 percent. Condition, you must attack five times.

· Golden Staff

Golden Staff attribute +65 Physical ATK and +30% Attack Speed. These two attributes make Claude more sick. The hero only need 3 times hit to get 5 stack.

Not only attributes, Golden Staff also has passive abilities. First, Swift’s ability to prevent critical on attack. Second, Endles Strike; This mark appears every regular attack against the opponent.

· Swift Boots

Swift Boost is a shoe with +10% Attack Speed ​​attribute. These shoes can help Claude to move quickly when attacking opponents. Shoes are also able to clean everything minion in lane.

Not only attributes, Swift Boost has Unique Passive, which is +40 Movement Speed. This Unique Passive increases Claude’s running speed. Because of that, hero Claude can run away or catch up with opponents quickly.

· Rose Gold Meteor

The main function of Rose Gold Meteor, which is to survive the onslaught of the opponent. The Rose Gold Meteor is also a defense when casting ultimate. In addition, Unique Passive on items it gives shield 510 to 1,350. Shield will increase according to the level of Mobile Legend players.

· Windtalker

As one of the items attackWindtalker is able to increase critical chance and attack speed on Claude. This item also provides 20 Movement Speed ​​so hero more powerful.

Claude’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Claude's pros and cons

Claude looks strong with his ability to do farming rapidly. If you become part of team fightClaude becomes hero which is quite dangerous. The reason is, Claude combines powers skills 1 and ultimate.

However, Claude is easily defeated by the opponent. That’s because Claude is weak at the beginning of the game and always gets stuck in the late games. Damage Claude is also relatively small so he needs skills to maximize.

Another drawback, Claude takes a lot of time to level up. In fact, when late game, Claude was unable to move from the opponent. Moreover, his opponent is both from Marksman, Claude can immediately lose at lane.

Claude grew weaker as his blood thinned. Claude’s condition is increasingly dangerous when surrounded by enemy Assassins and Fighters. Plus, Claude’s control is relatively difficult in comparison hero other. Therefore, Claude is not recommended for beginners.

Well, that’s a brief explanation of the hero Claude Mobile Legend as reference. So, are you ready to fight now?

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