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Booyah Day, FF Players Must Know

In October 2022, Free Fire players were spoiled with the presence of the latest event called Booyah Day. This time we will discuss 7 interesting facts in the event Booyah Day. FF players must know and participate in this event. Don’t miss it.

What is Booyah Day Event?

Booyah Day is a special Free Fire event in October. Taking place from October 16 – November 1, 2022. In this event there are various surprises for you, including various special missions, free gifts, the latest weapons, and much more. You even have a chance to get a prize of 19,999 diamonds!

Wow very interesting huh? So instead of being curious, consider 7 interesting facts about the following special events.

7 Interesting Facts about FF Event: Booyah Day

Here are a series of interesting facts from the event that you need to know.

1. There are 5 Booyah Day Special Interfaces

Booyah Go

During this event period there will be 5 special interfaces. The five interfaces are as follows.

  • Bingo games. Date: October 16 – November 1, 2022. Players can play mini games every day to earn Booyah Crown Tokens.
  • Booyah GO. Runs throughout: October 16 – November 1, 2022. Later players can use tokens Booyah Candy to start the mini game. The mini game can be played many times, but the required tokens will continue to increase.
  • Global Booyah Milestone. The event period also runs from October 16 to November 1.
  • Booyah Leaderboard. Players will collect Booyah as much as possible. If you manage to enter the top 100, you will get an exclusive. The available prizes are Booyah Day Pin (for normal Booyah) and Booyah Day 2022 Banner + Booyah Day 2022 Avatar (for Booyah GO).
  • Booyah Exchange. The main prizes available are Bundle Spirit of Booyah.

2. There is a Callback Team Mission

Callback Team Mission

This mission is available on 19-23 October 2022. All you need to do is do it callback friend. Later the opportunity to get up to 19,999 diamonds. The list of prizes available includes:

  • Callback 1 friend: x1 Booyah Box
  • Callback 3 friends: x3 Booyah Box
  • Callback 5 friends: x5 Booyah Box
  • Callback 7 friends: x7 Booyah Box
  • Reward for the player called back: x5 Booyah Box

3. Play Mabar Mission

Next you can mabar with friends and get prizes. The period lasts from 19-23 October 2022. If you can play 10 times with friends, you can get Panda Skin Booyah Day.

4. There is a Web Event with Prizes

Fourth, there is a web event with prizes that you can participate in. The period lasts from October 20-26, 2022. There are two types of missions available, namely:

  • Mission 1: mission kill/main/Booyah/mabar. The prize you get is Loadout Items/Vouchers (for 1x mission) and Lighten Booyah Logo+Booyah Hunter Backpack (to complete 12x missions).
  • Mission 2: Peak Day login. The prizes that can be obtained are Booyah Champ Skyboard.

5. Get 3x EXP/Gold/Fragment on Peak Day

booyah peak day

It will take place on October 24, 2022. On that day you can get 3x EXP/Gold/Fragment during peak day. Of course you should not miss this golden opportunity.

6. Login Every Day and Get the Prize

Don’t forget to log in every day into the game. Thus you will get Dragon Scale Token. This token can be used for upgrade AK Blue Flame Draco from level 1 to level 7. This login event period lasts from October 24, 2022 – November 1, 2022. Don’t miss it.

7. Complete All Missions, Don’t Forget to Accompany UniPin

To make it even more exciting, you can also be accompanied by UniPin. If you need a Free Fire diamond top up service, you can use UniPin. Because you can fill diamonds easily, safely, and practically. In addition, UniPin also regularly presents top up promos that you can use. So, so you don’t miss any information, make sure you regularly check the website. To know the latest UniPin promos, you can check the page news and promo on the UniPin website. Also follow the Instagram social media account @UniPinIndonesia.

unipin promo

So, those are some important and interesting facts about Booyah Day event. Make sure to keep an eye on the latest FF events so you don’t miss out. Happy gaming!

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