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The Next Battlefield Has a Today's Setting

The failure of Battlefield 2042 made EA have to rethink to launch another Battlefield series. About what kind of Battlefield they have to launch in order to fix the mistakes they made in 2042.

DICE as the developer also admits that they have learned a lot from the mistakes they made before. Because of this, both EA and DICE have made a new decision regarding the future of Battlefield itself.

The next Battlefield has a modern setting!

Rumors of Next Battlefield Have Today's Background
Battlefield | Gamerwk

This news itself comes from a well-known leaker named Tom Henderson. He said that DICE plans to correct the mistakes they made in Battlefield 2042 in the next game.

For those of you who don’t know, Battlefield 2042 itself can be said to be a total failure from various different sides. There are many reasons why fans don’t like and criticize this new series.

Furthermore, the leaker said that the next series of Battlefield is planned to be a sequel to Battlefield 2042 with a hero-shooter approach that builds on the foundation of the game that was released last year.

DICE is trying to follow fans’ advice!

Rumors of Next Battlefield Have Today's Background
Battlefield | PC Gamer

But now, the plan has been canceled by DICE. Which they will give the next Battlefield game a modern or present time setting, which incidentally is in contrast to Battlefield 2042 which is set in the future.

They made this decision after seeing the response from fans who didn’t really like the background of the Battlefield that was in the future. Which is known that fans prefer the present or the past.

We can see this from the previous Battlefield series which were indeed more successful than the release of Battlefield 2042. Apart from the time setting, one of the things they had to improve themselves was the map which was also one of the reasons why this Battlefield failed miserably.

Luckily, DICE has responded to the complaint by saying that the new map for Battlefield 2042 will be smaller than before. You can now play Battlefield 2042 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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