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The Most Epic Anime RPG 3D Mobile Game

Goddess of Genesis very suitable for gamers RPG lover. Are you one of them? If so, hurry up download this game. Then, enjoy unlimited fun with the characters anime cool throughout the adventure. To know more about this game, here’s a full review.

the fun Goddess of Genesis

goddess of genesis gameplay

Just like his name “goddesses”, games this presents a game that deserves to be called god quality. You can get a lot of fun things from this game.

First, like games the output of another Japanese developer, this game also applies a system gacha. That means every player have a chance to try each other’s luck. If hockey takes sides, players will gain character hero or items others are rare. Isn’t it fun?

Second, games feel so real, dynamic and complex. This is because the graphic design of the game is presented so well that players can see the appearance of the characters, backgrounds, battle effects, and others in detail. Not only that support audio character is also the most important supporting factor. so real and good visuals, anyone who sees it for the first time will think that this game is made by game developer major Japanese companies, such as Konami, Bandai Namco, Atlus & Sega, Koei, or SquareEnix. But in fact, developer ZlonGame is the culprit behind all that visual beauty.

Third, ZlonGame promises players can reminisce with popular legend characters from ancient times, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Lucifer, and Athena. But, of course with a touch of style anime typical Goddess of Genesis gameplay.

Fourth, attack dual hero combos. The developer provides a special attachment between hero certain. When the two of them meet in a battle arena, you will get a surprise, in the form of the birth of a new attack ability. Just so you know, this game offers a lot hero mainstay. Now, so that your game is more beautiful, you must know the division tier heroes before competing.

Tier List Hero Best

goddess of genesis tips

In fact, every hero built with the uniqueness and advantages of each. For this reason, it is important for players to narrow down their character choices. Here’s a short summary tier heroes which is divided based on PvP and PvE.

S-Class HeroesDracula [SSR – Guardian – Fire]Isabella [SSR – Priest – Light]Lucifer [SSR – Assassin – Earth]
A-Class HeroesAbe no Seimei [SSR – Mage – Water]Alice [SR – Mage – Light]Hades [SSR – Warrior – Shadow]Lilith [SSR – Assassin – Shadow]Mary [SSR – Mage – Water]Valkyrie [SSR – Guardian – Earth]
B-Class HeroesAthens [SSR – Priest – Earth]Chang’e [SSR – Priest – Light]Gabriel [SSR – Mage – Water]Hattori Hanzo [SR – Assassin – Fire]Jester [SR – Assassin – Shadow]Merlin [SSR – Mage – Light]Michael [SSR – Warrior – Fire]Poseidon [SR – Guardian – Water]Venus [SR – Priest –Fire]
C-Class HeroesApollo [SR – Mage – Fire]Cleopatra [SSR – Ranger – Earth]Cupid [SR – Priest – Water]Lancelot [SR – Warrior – Water]Loki [SR – Mage – Earth]Medusa [SR – Mage – Earth]Pandora [SR –Mage – Shadow]Protagonist [R – Warrior – Fire]Snow White [SR – Warrior – Light]Tamamo [SSR – Assassin – Water]
D-Class HeroesAngel [R –Angel – Light]Kidd [R – Assassin – Shadow]Fenrir [R – Warrior – Dark]Gawain [R – Guardian – Earth]Holmes [R – Ranger – Fire]Little Red [SR – Ranger – Fire]Michelin [R – Warrior – Earth]Robin Hood [R – Ranger – Earth]Shakespeare [R – Mage – Water]Slime King [R – Priest – Light]Vivian [R – Mage – Fire]

is there hero your mainstay on the list? Even if you don’t have one, don’t be discouraged because it’s only natural for each one player have a different opinion. Even so, there’s no harm in considering opinions gamer other.

Play Guide for Beginners

goddess of genesis top up

Are you a new player? A brief explanation below will be very helpful. Read and learn as best you can!

Download Guide

The first and foremost thing before starting the game is to have the app on your device. For Android or iOS users, you can download apps from Google Play and the App Store. To make it easier, here are the download addresses for each: operating systems. Devices with Google Play services.

Guide to Strengthening Character Hero

In game, there are three categories heroes, namely SSR, SR, and R. The division of this category is related to the strength possessed by the character. Currently, all of hero SSR is the one who occupies the top position in terms of strength.

When viewed by role in battle, characters are classified into six categories, namely guardian, warrior, mage, assassin, ranger, and priests. In addition, ZlonGame also provides each hero with certain elements. Each element brings its own strengths and weaknesses when competing in the arena games. The five elements include:

  • Earth (+ face element water, – facing the elements fire)
  • fire (+ face element earth, – facing the elements Water)
  • Water (+ face element fire, – facing the elements Earth)
  • light (+ face element Dark)
  • Dark (+ face element light)

So that hero Your mainstay is getting stronger, you can do the following smart steps. First, raise hero levels by using food items available in the game. You can give hero food, like Fantasy Tempura, Takoyaki, and BBQ Chicken & Lobster Feast. Second, pair gears, artifacts, and perks to hero your mainstay. The last step is to do awakening hero on level certain, usually on level 5 and its multiples.

Guide Reroll

To be known reroll self describes the business player to repeat the game from the beginning with the aim of getting a bonus gacha target, be it a weapon, heroes, or items other. Launching The MonsterLab, players can do reroll in the following way.

  • Entered into games using the account Then, follow the instructions that appear on your device.
  • Do gacha on the menu Summon heroes.
  • Check whether hero obtained from the process gacha was as desired. If not, repeat each step from the first point. But before that, you must first delete the data through the menu settings/settings on the device. Do it over and over until you get what you are after.
  • Connect account guest with your main account if you have got a character or items The trick is through the menu feature – account bindings.

Guide Top Up

It is common knowledge that one of many Goddess of Genesis Tips is to do top up account games. To do that, you can visit UniPin. Then, follow the procedure Goddess of Genesis top up described on that page. Easy isn’t it?

Are you interested in playing after reading the reviews Goddess of Genesis on?

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