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The Latest Rows of Point Blank News You Need to Know

Do you like to play? games genre First Person Shooter (FPS)? If so, you must be familiar with Point Blank. Yes, Point Blank is one of the games Very popular FPS in Indonesia. In fact, there used to be a lot of internet cafes that offered this game. Point Blank was developed by Garena Indonesia, before finally switching management to Zepetto Interaktif Indonesia.

Between games Another kind of Point Blank is known as games legendary because it is fairly old. Even so, until now games this one is still one of the favorites of the players. Moreover, the game modes offered are so diverse to avoid player feel bored.

Entering 2022, there are a number of Point Blank news the latest things you need to know, starting from the release of weapons, characters, folder, until the new mode. What is the complete information like? Here’s the review.

1. LPG Cylinder Becomes a Grenade Weapon in Point Blank

point blank game news

Did you know that Point Blank now has a new weapon in the form of an LPG melon? It turns out that there is a unique story behind its manufacture, you know. Before it existed as a grenade weapon in Point Blank as it is now, in 2022’s a meme circulated of one of the PB characters carrying an LPG melon as a substitute for a K-400 grenade.

The meme also succeeded in inviting laughter from the PB players, considering that the explosion of a 3 kg LPG gas cylinder was powerful enough to destroy a full room. This is what later became the inspiration for PB developers to conjure up 3 kg LPG as a grenade in Point Blank.

Regarding how it works, the LPG melon grenade has similarities to a petrol bomb. The grenade will explode immediately when it hits the ground or other hard object and is capable of creating damage large around the landing area. Interested in using this one unique item? You can buy it via store for 4,320 cash and will be active for a month.

2. Introducing a New Mode Named Battle Cup

news about the latest point blank

Point Blank latest news next is the Battle Cup mode. Did you have time to play it? As a new game mode, unfortunately this Battle Cup cannot be played every time, because it is only available on 11-14 August 2022.

For those of you who missed playing using the Battle Cup mode, this mode is the mode battle royale PB Beyond Limits version. Interestingly, folder presented by the Battle Cup mode looks five times larger than usual.

Just like fashion battle royale in general, early in the game player will not be equipped with weapons. Yes, you have to find yourself where weapons and other war equipment are stored. This game mode is perfect for player who want to practice their strategic planning skills.

3. Offer Folder New World War II Themed

latest point blank news update

Tired of shades folder That’s all Point Blank? You can try this, Gustav, folder New World War II theme. Past folder recently, as a developer, Zepetto, hopes to present more content fresh for the players.

During play, player You will find a number of classic army costumes such as German army costumes or British round helmets that can be used. The background of the game is made in such a way as to resemble the feel of ancient Europe. In folder Here you will also find a variety of World War II-style weapons, such as cannons and grenades.

Another interesting thing from Gustav is player can put a bomb on the tank, then the tank will walk around the inner area foldersimilar to the train system on folder Stormtube. The difference is, the tank with the bomb can launch a force that is quite lethal to other players.

4. Got Two New Characters, Natasha and Queen

point blank latest news

Point Blank News The last one was the release of two new point blank female characters named Queen and Natasha. From history, these two characters are friends with each other and are the experimental object of Human Arms Development Project at the CT-Force Institute.

Natasha is a free spirit character. That’s why he thought the laboratory was a boring place and frustrated him. One day, he plans to run away and invites Queen to do it. Instead of agreeing, Queen who is famous for having excellent physical abilities and extraordinary boxing refuses Natasha’s invitation with one punch.

After that Natasha finally joined the Free Rebels, while Queen became special agent number 1 in the CT-Force as well as being Natasha’s sworn enemy.

In terms of appearance, both have their own characteristics. You could say Natasha’s appearance is more elegant than Queen. While most of the female characters look tomboy because they wear pants, Natasha actually looks feminine in a short skirt with stockings and high boots.

Unlike the case with Queen, this character looks more sporty for wearing sneakers, sweatpants, and partially tied back blonde hair. How? Natasha and Queen look cool to play with, don’t they?

That’s 4 Point Blank news the latest throughout 2022. After listening news games Point Blank above you can try to play using these characters or weapons to defeat your opponent. What about novice players? The most important thing is toinstall games it to your computer.

After games ready to play, first learn some tips for playing Point Blank for beginners. Anything? Choose mouse right. Try to choose mouse with good sensitivity, because it will affect the accuracy of the shot.

It is also important to study the characteristics of each weapon provided by Point Blank so that you don’t choose the wrong one. Next, always pay attention to the mini map, don’t run blindly and aimlessly. Through the mini map, you can monitor the location of the movement of your teammates.

Lastly, don’t try to be cheater. Even though using cheats so it’s easier to win, but that doesn’t necessarily make you good at playing like pro players.

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