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The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022!

Want to get Chicken Dinner easily? Use PUBG Mobile Cheats below this.

Winning a game in a battle royale themed game is not easy. This also applies to PUBG Mobile as the pioneer of the themed game. Where you have to beat tens to hundreds of people to win the game.

Surviving to the last man is the way to win the game. Because of this difficulty, not a few of PUBG Mobile players do various ways or look for shortcuts.

One of them is to use the PUBG Mobile Cheat. True, not a few players are willing to use Cheats to win the game in PUBG Mobile.

Although there is a big enough risk they will face if caught using the illegal program. One of them is that the PUBG Mobile account will most likely be banned by Tencent Games.

However, for those of you who have the courage and are ready to accept the risk, there are various ways to win PUBG Mobile easily.

In this article, Halogame will give you one of the PUBG Mobile Cheat Scripts. This cheat allows you to use various interesting features, such as Auto Headshot, Auto Aim and many more.

Curious about this? The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022! Check below.

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The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022!

Download Cheats PUBG Mobile

Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022
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Following are the steps to download PUBG Mobile Cheats. Just follow the steps we provide below.


The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022!  Download

The first step you have to do is download the Script File. We have provided the download link above.

Download Process

The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022!  Process

Wait for the download process to complete and go directly to your smartphone storage space.

Extract Files

The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022!  Extract

After finding the file that you downloaded earlier, Extract the file using the Application ZArchiver. The ZIP password is “original account“.

Copy Folder

The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022!  Copy

After successfully extracting the file, you will find a folder called “Files”. Copy Folder named “Files” the.

Go to storage

The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022!  Storage

Go to your Smartphone storage > Android > Data > Com.Tencent.ig

Paste File

The Latest PUBG Mobile Cheats 2022!  Paste

Paste the file that you copied earlier in the folder and open PUBG Mobile. You can automatically play PUBG Mobile with various cheat features that have been provided.

Now, That’s the Latest PUBG Mobile Cheat 2022. We do not recommend you to use the script. This is because the act of using third-party scripts in PUBG Mobile is illegal.

There is a possibility that your PUBG Mobile account was banned by Tencent Games. If you want to try, don’t use your main account or use a backup or tuyul account.

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