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The Latest Nintendo Switch Update Finally Presents the Folder Feature!

For those of you who have a Nintendo Switch and are looking for a way to organize or organize your game library, now Nintendo has just released the latest update to help you organize your game library on your favorite Nintendo Switch.

After 5 years of the Nintendo Switch console being released, through the latest update version 14.0.0 now, you can create folders to organize your game library on your Nintendo Switch however you like.

You can later name the folder. For example, if you have a variety of pokemon games then you can create a folder and name it “Pokemon Games” and then organize all the pokemon games into the folder you just created.

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You will also be able to create as many as 100 folders and each folder can contain up to 200 games. However, you can only create folders if you have 13 or more games installed on the Nintendo Switch.

How to create this folder is very easy. You just need to go to the menu, then scroll until you find “All Software” then select “Create New Group” in the upper right corner.

This update also applies to other Nintendo Switch models such as the Switch Lite and Switch OLED.

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