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The International 10 Canceled Held in Sweden, Why?

Through site Officially from Dota 2, Valve has announced that the possibility of The International 10 in Sweden has been cancelled. Now they are trying hard to find a location other than the country.

The reason The International 10 was canceled in Sweden itself was because the Swedish Sports Federation refused to recognize the Dota 2 competition as an official sport. This indirectly made the tournament unable to be held for various reasons.

The International 10

The International 10 Cancels To Be Held In Sweden Why
The International 10 | ONE Esports

Including the current conditions, it is not possible to hold a big event like The International 10. On its website, Valve explains that they have been working hard since 2022 in Sweden to prepare The International 10 for 2022.

When a global pandemic occurs, they inevitably have to postpone the event. Even Valve has worked with various parties to make The International a safe and successful event.

Throughout the past year, Stockholm Live and Visit Stockholm have continued to assure Valve that TI 10 qualifies for the same exemptions as any other official sporting event it accepts there.

Will you move to another European country?

The International 10 Cancels Held In Sweden Why 1 1
The International 10 | Nicholasproject

However, two weeks ago the Swedish Sports Federation had just decided not to accept Esports into the sports federation. Furthermore, Valve is still trying to bring this matter to the Swedish Ministry of the Interior, but it was also rejected.

Due to this refusal, anyone who tries to get a travel visa to Sweden for The International 10 (players, talent and staff) will be denied. For now, Valve’s effort is to appeal the Home Affairs Minister’s decision.

Finally, they emphasized that it opened up the possibility of holding The International elsewhere in Europe. This permission issue will not affect the schedule of the event and fans will be able to enjoy the ongoing qualifiers.

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