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The Fun of Playing Harley, Hero Mage with Many Skills

Don’t be fooled by cute looks Harley! This Mage type hero is known as a tough fighter who is the mainstay of advanced players, both in ordinary games and tournaments. As a formidable Hero Mage, Harley is one of the most feared players, even among pro players.

Interested in playing a Harley? Make sure you understand the intricacies of its power!

Harley story

harley mobile legends

Harley Mobile Legends has been known as a Hero Mage with supernatural powers since childhood. When born, Harley got the power of the Mage Goddess and became a star at Lion Academy in Grandrock, a magical city. He is famous for being able to memorize and master difficult spells quickly.

Harley became a hero at the age of eight when he and several friends uncovered a deadly conspiracy against the Dark Wizards. After helping defeat their leader, Harley chooses an adventure in the Land of Dawn to test his abilities.

Harley’s Ultimate Skill

harley skills

As a Mage-type Hero, Harley excels in terms of creating Magic Damage. He also has considerable attack power and is able to attack with properties such as a magic hat, wand, and card. Here are some of Harley’s main skills:

1. Magic Master (Passive)

Magic Master is a standard passive attack that combines Physical Damage with Magic Damage. One attack, you generate 60 (+ 50 percent Physical Attack) plus 60 percent Magic Power.

2. Poker Trick (Skill 1)

Poker Trick is a card trick that will deal 150(+25 percent Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. However, this number only applies to the opponent who is hit by the first card. The amount of damage will decrease when the card hits the opponent behind them.

3. Space Escape (Skill 2)

Harley’s lightning-fast trick is to disappear under her magic hat before appearing in front of her opponent. His speed will also increase by 30 percent for two seconds.

4. Deadly Magic (Ultimate)

As a Mage, Harley’s greatest skill is, of course, Deadly Magic. Harley will lock the opponent’s movement before throwing a Fire Ring which slows the opponent for 1.5 seconds while dealing massive Magic Damage. Harley can also produce a circle of fire that surrounds the opponent for four seconds. The attack type is only focused on one target

Harley Main Item Build

harley build

Harley Build Items consist of items that amplify his magic tricks. This is the item that you must have.

1. Star Shard

Make sure your Harley farming faster by using Star Shard. In addition, you also get additional Mana Regen and Magical Lifesteal to “rob” the lives of opponents. You can even get 10 percent recovery after eliminating your opponent.

2. Arcana Boots

After getting the mainstay item for farming, it’s time to increase your speed. Arcana Boots give Harley more speed as well as more Magic Damage effect. Harley also gets additional points when attacking at high speed.

3. Lightning Truncheon

After your Harley gets the ability farming and high speed, you have to increase the effect of the attack. Lightning Truncheon gives Harley enough power that she can even kill Tank-type heroes! You also get an additional 300 Mana plus time reduction cooldown up to 10 percent. Harley can also launch a move called Resonate that can beat three opponents at once

4. Glowing Wand

Glowing Wand is suitable for attacking enemies continuously. This object is suitable for fighting against heroes who are core such as Assassin, Mage, and Marksman types. In addition to the HP bonus, you will also get an extra Passive Skill in the form of the power to burn your opponent for one second

5. Genius Wand

Genius Wand not only makes your Harley more powerful, but also gives it extra speed. You will also get the Magical Penetration ability which can reduce the opponent’s ability to launch Magical Defense for three seconds. With this item, you can even beat Tank-type heroes!

6. Winter Truncheon

Want to have a stronger defense against opponents like Fighter? Don’t forget to get the Winter Truncheon. In addition to the 400 HP bonus, you can also get Physical Defense and Magic Power elements. When pressed and unable to escape, Harley can use the Genius Wand to give himself the ability to withstand any attack for two seconds before escaping.

Harley’s Strengths and Weaknesses

harley mlbb

Harley MLBB may be a formidable Hero with great Damage, but there are advantages and disadvantages that must be your consideration.


  • Having a high Burst Damage effect is enough with a Passive Skill
  • Agile and have pretty good mobility
  • Good at escaping
  • Strong from the start of the game, suitable as a support for the core fighter
  • Masters in locking opponents for deadly attacks


  • Tends to be weak in the late stages of the game because many of his opponents can block his attacks
  • Easy to gang up on because it doesn’t have Crowd Control

How to Successfully Play Harley in a Team

how to play harley

As a hero with fairly large damage but can’t target many opponents, Harley needs players who are quite agile. Here are some successful ways to play with a Harley:

1. Choose the Right Spell

Of the various types of Spell, Harley is suitable to use Retribution because it can create quite a large amount of damage. If you are pressed by many opponents at once, you can try using Flicker so you can move places as fast as lightning.

2. Use the Right Skill Sequence

If you want to ambush and kill the enemy precisely, try using this skill sequence: starting from Skill 2 and Ultimate to deal big damage, then move to Skill 1 to kill the opponent.

3. Take Lots of Buffs

Buff is suitable for making Harley last longer because it can reduce Cooldown time. Harley was ready to be faster in launching his special Skill. So make sure you pick up lots of Buffs while hunting.

4. Play a lot on Solo Lane

Solo Lane is the perfect lane for Harley. In addition to making it easier for him to kill targets, Harley is also not easily ambushed, ganged up, and killed on Solo Lane.

Despite being small, Harley is a powerful Hero Mage with high movement speed and agility. Make sure to use it as a supporting Hero to lower the opposing team’s strength from the start of the game.

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