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The Best Leveling Tricks and Class Recommendations for Beginners Ragnarok M Eternal Love Players

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an MMORPG genre game developed by Gravity with Xindong. Using an anime-style concept with 3-dimensional images, visually this game is very interesting to look at. Without eliminating the characteristics of Ragnarok Online that have been released previously, this game is suitable for those of you who like role playing.

For those of you who are playing it for the first time, there are several important points in this game Ragnarok M Eternal love guide that you need to pay attention to. Read more in Ragnarok M guide the following!

Getting to know Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

ragnarok m eternal love guide

This game belongs to the Rangnarok series which developed into stage The new one is called Ragnarok M: Eternal. In general, not much has changed here. All missions and gameplay are still the same as in the previous Ragnarok series. You will be involved in various battle arenas, complete missions, and prepare characters.

There are some important guidelines that beginners should know about Ragnarok M Eternal Love guidenamely:

Job Class (Job Classes)

In the game, you must have job classes and most of them are Novice classes. Once you enter level 10 of the game, you can change the job class of level 1. There are several options job class that can be selected starting from Swordsman, Thief, Mage, Acolyte, and so on.

Missions in the Game (Quests of the Game)

In Ragnarok M guide, players must complete various activities ranging from missions, farming, to leveling up. There are three types of missions available in the game, ranging from Red Quests (main mission), Blue Quests (mission with reward rewards nor items), Green Quests (mission to get skills and rare features), and Daily Quests (daily missions that repeat every day).

Level Up and Stamina System

After completing the mission, you can level up your character by killing as many monsters as possible. There is an automatic attack feature available to help you do that. With this feature, you can leave your character in automatic AFK and do other activities inside gameplay.

However, remember that in order to do battle in Ragnarok M guide, you have to pay attention to the available stamina. When a character engages in battle, one stamina can be spent. You will be given 300 stamina per day and if you don’t use it for a day, the level will increase to 900.

Ragnarok M Guide: Leveling Tricks

ragnarok m leveling guide
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After you understand the important parts of the game, the next thing you have to find out is Ragnarok M Leveling Guide. This game is known to be very fair with the system it uses. This is also the reason the fans are quite high.

Then, is there a trick to get more EXP (experience points) in the shortest possible time? Because the amount of stamina is limited, you have to get EXP quickly and maximally without having to keep going grinding. Check out the trick levelingthe following!

Take Advantage of Stamina When Grinding

Moment grinding EXP, make sure you use all the available stamina by looking for crowd points. Create a party with five colleagues to be able to defeat many monsters faster at once. Once stamina runs out, find EXP from mission board then kill the monster.

Look for Monsters That Can Give High EXP

Several types of monsters in gameplay suitable to be targeted when you grinding EXP because it can provide a lot of EXP. In Ragnarok M guide In this case, it is recommended that you kill Wormtail in Prontera North at levels 15 to 25. There are still Goblins, Metallers, Mantis, and Dustiness. All of these monsters can provide more EXP than other monsters.

Avoid Use Lightning Chain to Find EXP

Lightning Chain it can indeed be used to increase EXP, but the effect will drain your stamina quickly. If your stamina runs out, you will find it even more difficult to hunt for EXP again. Use Lightning Chain according to its function as a means of finding material when grinding.

Take advantage Pet Labor

If you have reached level 45, there are 5 level Intimacy pets that you can use to give you EXP. The trick is to send it to Item Shop to work. Once an hour, this pet will get a random gift containing Base or Job Portion. Each Base and Job Portion it contains EXP of varying magnitude.

Best Ragnarok M Class Recommendation

ragnarok m class guide

There are a total of six classes in the game. Each has their own strengths and playing style. The six classes are:

  • Swordsman. A melee fighter with high attack and defense
  • Acolyte. Magical ranged fighter that uses magic and supportive abilities
  • Merchant. Physical melee fighter with high attack, vitality and agility
  • Thief. Physical melee fighter with burst damage tall
  • Archer. A physical fighter who specializes in high single-target DPS damage
  • Magician. A ranged fighter with magical powers that can grant damage

As in most games, Swordsman is probably the most recommended class in Ragnarok M class guide, especially if you are a beginner. You can face damage moderate and defeat some strong enemies. If you want to find a class with damage dealer the best, Archer is a top recommendation for you.

Magicians are also a strong class, although they lack the DPS that Archers have. Even though Acolytes can heal, they can’t deliver damage as many other classes. You better be healer/healer if planning to play in party rather than having to be alone in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

On the other hand, Thiefs are very strong in PvP battles thanks to their sneaking abilities. Since this class is good at dodging, they can take a lot of attacks though health poolis low. Meanwhile, the Merchant is tank which is good and suitable for solo play if you are good at building their strength. Otherwise, Merchants could make money with their passive abilities.

That’s it Ragnarok M Eternal Love Guide which can be basic knowledge for those of you who are still beginners in the game. Hopefully Ragnarok M guide This brief is useful for you. Do not forget to top up Your Big Cat Coins, Zeny, or Limited Special Gifts are only on UniPin to make your game more exciting.

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