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The Best Alucard Mobile Legend Character Build Guide

Alucard Mobile Legend is one of the most popular heroes among gamers. Hero with appearance good looking It has the ability to attack and ambush the enemy very well. In addition, Alucard also has a very high survival ability thanks to his blood stealing skill.

Ability lifesteal owned by type hero fighter and assassin this gives you the freedom to do build. Moreover, if you combine skills lifesteal it with damage tall one. You will also have no trouble hunting kills and getting savage.

Well, for those of you who make Alucard Mobile Legend your favorite character, of course you want to be able to play it to the fullest, right? It doesn’t take long, here is a complete guide that you can use as a means to get build The best Alucard in the Mobile Legend game.

Build Alucard Emblem

Alucard Emblem

The first thing you need to do in hero build Alucard is an emblem. You can build emblems custom assassin as follows:

1. Tier 1: Bravery

The tier 1 Alucard emblem that you can choose is Bravery. The use of this emblem can increase Alucard’s physical attack ability. That way, you can attack with damage higher.

2. Tier 2: Invasion

If you have obtained an increase in physical attack, build The next step is to choose an invasion emblem. This emblem increases physical penetration which is useful for penetrating the enemy’s physical defense.

3. Tier 3: Killing Spree

Lastly, killing spree is the best Alucard emblem that you shouldn’t miss. This emblem is useful for enhancing abilities lifesteal Alucard. Thanks to killing spree, you can get 15% HP recovery plus 20% movement speed after defeating enemy heroes.

Alucard’s Best Spell Recommendations

Alucard's best spells

Build next is the selection of the best spell Alucard. There are 2 considerations of spells that you can use for Alucard, namely:

1. Retribution

Consideration of the best Alucard spell that you can use is retribution. This spell makes the farming process in the jungle faster. That way, you can level up and get the items you want quickly.

2. Flicker

In addition to retribution, you can consider Alucard’s best spell in the form of flicker. This spell allows Alucard to teleport at close range. In addition, flicker also gives a brief increase in physical and magic defense.

Alucard’s Best Combo Skills

Counter Hero Alucard

Like other heroes, you need to know Alucard’s combo skill to be able to maximize his abilities. You need to know, Alucard has 3 skills, namely groundsplitter (skill 1), whirling smash (skill 2), and the ultimate called fission wave (skill 3). You can combine each skill in a certain order as follows:

1. Combo Skill Alucard 1

You can do the first combination skill by using sequential skills starting from 1-2-normal hits. This Alucard combo skill is indeed quite simple, but it can give damage great to the enemy.

2. Combo Skills Alucard 2

You can also attack enemies with a second skill combo, starting when an enemy approaches. At that time, you can use groundsplitter (skill 1) and jump at it. Next, consecutively use skill 3, skill 2, normal hit, and end the attack with skill 3. In simpler terms, the sequence is 1-3-2-normal hit-3.

Item Tips Build Alucard Mobile Legend

Combo Skill Alucard

Hero build The next Alucard Mobile Legend is an item. In order to dominate the battle arena, here’s a guide build The sickest Alucard items you can use:

  1. Haas’s Claws : This is a mandatory item if you use the hero Alucard. Ability lifesteal Alucard will double thanks to Haas’s Claws. This item not only gives a +70 physical attack increase. You also get physical lifesteal 20%. Besides that, there are also extras lifesteal 10% when the hero’s HP is low, below 40%.
  2. Warrior Boots : Next, you can use Warrior Boots. This item gives +40 movement speed and +22 physical defense. In addition, Warrior Boots also have a passive skill that can increase physical defense +5 for 25 seconds when receiving normal attacks.
  3. Endless Battle : Don’t forget to forget Endless Battle. Its use can provide additional lifesteal for Alucard Mobile Legends. In addition, this item also provides additional HP, physical attack, mana regen, cooldown reduction, and movement speed.
  4. Berserker’s Fury : Let damage Alucard is getting bigger, you can increase his critical attack with the Berserker’s Fury item. At the same time, you can absorb more enemy blood.
  5. Malefic Roar : This item has a function to penetrate the enemy’s physical defense. Armed with Malefic Roar, you will have no difficulty when dealing with tanks with very thick defenses.
  6. Blade of Despair : You can use this item when entering the late game. With Blade of Despair, you can upgrade damage much more.

Counter Hero Alucard

By following the hero guide build With this, you can make Alucard a hero that is hard to beat. In simple language, hard to die alias immortal. Even so, there are several heroes that you need to be aware of and are known as Alucard’s counter heroes, including:

  1. Nana : This hero will be very troublesome, including for Alucard. Nana can turn you into a cat and give a stun effect.
  2. Khufra : This tank hero has the ability crowd control high, making it difficult for Alucard to fight him.
  3. Kaja : Hero Kaja doesn’t only have effects crowd control the strong one. At the same time, Kaja is a hero who has damage high enough.
  4. Eudora : This character has a deadly combination skill. You can easily finish Alucard thanks to skills crowd control and damage
  5. Hylos : The combination of skills 2 and 1 he has, is enough to make you able to immobilize Alucard.

That’s the complete guide of heroes build Alucard Mobile Legend that you can practice. So that you are more satisfied playing this immortal hero, don’t forget to prepare enough diamonds. How to get diamonds is easy, you can topup Mobile Legend on Unipin. Easy and lots of bonuses, you know!

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