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The Advantages of Elite Pass Free Fire that You Can Use

Survivors must be familiar with the term Elite Pass Free Fire. This is a system that Garena created as a developer games so that players can enjoy various items premium. If you want to get it, you have to pay a certain amount diamonds, namely the currency used in the Free Fire game.

Elite Pass is not valid forever. Usually, the validity period is about one month. Each seasontotal diamonds what you need to buy an Elite Pass varies. The prizes you get also vary. The types of prizes offered are usually informed before the Elite Pass is released.

How to Get Free Fire Elite Pass

free elite pass

Amount diamonds what is needed to get the Elite Pass is no joke. For New Elite Pass i.e. Season 29 which takes effect October 2022, for example, you have to spend 999 diamonds.

Need to know, diamonds can be obtained in two ways, namely free and paid. One way to get diamonds for free is to participate in tournaments that offer prizes in the form of diamonds in large quantities. This is certainly not easy and takes a long time. With diamonds free means you can also get Elite Pass is free.

The second way to get diamonds instant, that is by buying it. You can do top up to buy diamonds practically and easily, one of them is on the site Of course, you have to pay for it with an amount of money according to the price offered. By buying diamondsyou no longer have to wait long to get the Elite Pass.

After the amount diamonds what you need is sufficient, you only need to exchange or purchase an Elite Pass through the app games Free Fire. here how to get Elite Pass. Easy, right?

Benefits of Buying Elite Pass Free Fire

latest elite pass

In addition to the Elite Pass, Survivors can also use the Free Pass only when playing. Both are certainly different in terms of the benefits that can be enjoyed. Free Pass, as the name implies, can be obtained for free or without having to spend diamonds.

Well, what are the advantages of having Elite Pass Free Fire? Here are some of them:

  • Get prizes worth more than 10000 diamondss

You have the opportunity to get various prizes worth more than 10000 diamondss if you have an Elite Pass. However, items offered as rewards can only be claimed if the player manages to collect badge. This offer is certainly very tempting, moreover you don’t need to spend anymore diamondss to buy it.

  • Can access Elite Challenge

Not all players can access the Elite Challenge. The advantage of playing in Elite Challenge is the opportunity to get badge more. Badge is an item that is obtained when completing an activity in a events. Badge can be exchanged for various exclusive items.

So, the more badge the more you get, the more prizes you can get. Therefore, participating in the Elite Challenge is very profitable, especially for those of you who are Elite Pass cardholders.

  • Daily gold limit increased

After completing a matchyou will get gold which can be used for redeem items certain. However, the amount gold that can be obtained every day is limited, which is 800. After reaching this number, you will not earn gold again despite having completed a match.

Well, with access from the Elite Pass, the limit gold you will increase to 100. So, you have a chance to search for more gold of the match results. Cool, right?

  • Nickname is red when kill

The next advantage that you can enjoy is the color change nickname while doing kill or kill the enemy. This only applies to players who have Elite Pass access.

In addition to the Elite Pass, there is also the so-called Elite Bundle. Elite Bundle is a form of Elite Pass in a more complete version. The price is also usually much more expensive. Well, here are the advantages of the Elite Bundle compared to the Elite Pass:

  • Can unlock avatar with animation. This certainly makes the experience of playing Free Fire more fun and exciting.
  • Unlock 50 badge directly. That means, you have the opportunity to get rewards more automatically.
  • Unlock exclusive rewards instantly. Get attractive rewards automatically while playing.

So, are you interested in buying the Elite Bundle or Elite Pass? If you consider the gifts that will be received, the price is quite worth it. However, don’t forget to adjust it to the budget you have, OK?

Optimizing Elite Pass Free Fire

how to get elite pass in free fire for free

After having an Elite Pass, it doesn’t mean you will get it right away rewards. You need to complete a number of available levels. Then, what are the strategies you can do to solve this challenge effectively and maximally?

  • Complete missions with friends

The fastest way to level up is to complete the mission as quickly as possible. However, the mission will be completed faster if done together with friends than playing alone. Especially if you have to kill one squadwith friends is certainly easier and faster.

Other cases, for example, if you get a mission to land at a location, you will find it easier to strategize if you play with friends than players random.

Of course, in order to complete missions in Elite Pass quickly, you have to be diligent in playing. These tips are of course known to all players. However, you also have to set the time so that games doesn’t take up all of your time.

Want to level up the game quickly? The most likely option is to purchase the Elite Bundle. With the Elite Bundle, you will get badge directly which can increase the level of the account. You will also get rewards automatically so that it can be used in the game to the fullest.

So, choose to buy Elite Pass Free Fire or use the Free Pass provided for all players? You can consider these advantages so that you can enjoy the game more excitingly. Don’t forget, always follow the Garena free fire event updates, also prepare diamonds which is enough to get this premium access.

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