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The 6 Most Steady Mobile Legend Item Combinations

Hero and Mobile Legend items are two things that are related to each other. Items will give the hero additional powers and special effects. Generally, you can buy items with gold obtained from jungle creep, farm minions, or defeat the opponent’s heroes and turrets. Some items are also known to have effects passive skills.

For novice players, understand Mobile Legends items obligatory. You could say, items are the determining factor whether you can win a game or not. Moreover, each hero needs the right gear item to support maximum performance in battle.

Understand what types Mobile Legend items and their functions will help you develop the best tactics as you play. Come on, see the following reviews!

Mobile Legend Item Type

mobile legends item type

Previously, you must know that there are two terms that are often used when discussing items, namely:

  1. Basic Attack, this item will damage the opponent by relying on a punch or hits.
  2. Skill, every time the hero issues skills or spell can produce damage against the opponent.

In general, you can apply the following items to the hero of your choice.

Physical Items

There are several items in this category that are often the mainstay of gamers.

  1. Sea Halberd, a basic attack that is released can reduce the opponent’s HP regen and shield.
  2. Rose Gold Meteor, when your hero’s HP is dying, this can be useful to get a large shield temporarily.
  3. Hunter Strike, you can pocket extra movement speed after executing 5 basic attacks on your opponent.

Magic Items

The following items are gamers’ favorites.

  1. Genius Wand, if the skill launched successfully hits the opponent, the opponent’s magic defense will automatically decrease.
  2. Clock of Destiny, the longer you hold this item, the more HP and magic power will be.
  3. Calamity Reaper, this is a Magic item from Endless Battle. Every time after using a skill, the basic attack on the opponent will be much more painful.

Defense Items

Try the lyrics of this item.

  1. Twilight Armor, functions as an anti-damage burst so that the hero’s HP can run out quickly.
  2. Immortality, even if your hero dies, can come back to life and immediately have a shield.
  3. Oracle, able to increase HP regen and shield heroes.

Item Movement

The items below are really great!

  1. Rapid Boots, your movement speed will be very fast if you don’t hit or hit for 5 seconds.
  2. Arcane Boots, increases the hero’s magic damage.
  3. Swift Boots, can increase the hero’s attack speed.

Jungle Items

In principle, jungle items have the following basic advantages. First, increase the damage to jungle monsters. Second, add exp once you kill a jungle monster. Finally, pocketing HP and Mana after killing jungle monsters.

Roaming Items

Using roaming items gives you this advantage. Heroes will not pocket gold when killing minions when your teammate’s heroes don’t buy roaming items. However, your hero will win more gold once the assist kills the opponent’s hero. Well, if your hero is the poorest in a team, periodically you will get gold and exp.

List of Best Mobile Legend Item Combinations

list of the best mobile legend item combinations

If you previously studied several selected items from each item that the hero can use, then in this section you will know what the combinations are Mobile Legend items hurtas well as the best, according to each item type.

Endless Battle + Blade of Despair (BOD)

This combination is a mainstay Mobile Legend Alucard items you know. However, the main reason why this item combination is popular is that almost all physical type heroes can use it, such as Assassin, Fighter, and Marksman.

BOD itself has the biggest physical damage bonus. Meanwhile, Endless Battle will give extra damage once you launch a skill at your opponent. Can you imagine the enormity of this combination?

Glowing Wand + Ice Queen Wand + Genius Wand

The combination of the three is the best-selling Magic item among Mage heroes. The combination of these three types of wands is perfect for Mage Support heroes who have low cooldown skills while also being able to spam skills. For example, Nana, Kagura, and Lunox.

The Glowing Wand will burn the opponent’s hero every second, while the Ice Queen Wand can reduce the opponent’s movement speed. Genius Wand is able to reduce the opponent’s magic defense. If the Mage hero has used this, it is guaranteed to make the opponent upset!

Queen’s Wings + Rose Gold Meteor

The combination of these items is a favorite of Assassin, Marksman, or Fighter heroes because they can use attack and defense at the same time. Alucard Mobile Legend Items this will make the hero difficult to kill even if the HP is dying.

Why is that so? All thanks to the large shield from the Rose Gold Meteor and the hero’s ability to harden due to using Queen’s Wings.

Scarlett Phantom + Berseker’s Fury

The Marksman hero’s mainstay item combo relies on critical for burst mush when using basic attacks. Bruno and Lesley are heroes that are suitable for using this combination.

Scarlet Phantom is able to make basic attacks critical until it increases sharply. Berseker’s Fury will increase critical damage the more it hurts. Great too, right?

Clock of Destiny + Lightning Truncheon

If your Mage hero has area and burst skills, try this item combo. For example, Odette, Pharsa, Eudora, and Vale. The combination of these items creates a large Mana.

The longer you use Clock of Destiny, the more HP and magic power you have. Meanwhile, Lightning Truncheon can make a splash skill to several opponents. No wonder Pharsa can wipe out minion waves with one skill when using this combination.

Oracle + Guardian Helmet

Your Hero Tank has regeneration skills or has a revitalize battle spell? Try using this item combo. Hylos and Uranus are examples of heroes who are able to combine these items effectively.

Your HP regen and shield heroes will increase if you use Oracle. Meanwhile, Guardian Helmet gives the hero a very large HP regen every time he leaves a teamfight. When these two items are activated by a hero who is able to regenerate as well as revitalize, it is guaranteed that in a few seconds the HP will be full again. So, you don’t have to recall to the base for the contents of your cellphone, right?

That’s the recommendation Mobile Legend items UniPin version. Do you have other great item combinations? Try to share it here!

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