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Tencent Will Present Don't Strave Game on Android and iOS

As we know, Tencent has for some time controlled the mobile game industry such as PUBG Mobile which is successful in the market world. Not yet, Tencent is also working with the Pokemon Company to present the MOBA Pokemon Unite game.

This time, Tencent brings one of the popular game franchises, namely Don’t Strave to the Mobile platform which has the title Don’t Strave: New Home. The game is planned to start a closed beta period this July. For those of you who want to register, you can go through this official site Don’t Strave : Newhome.

Game Don’t Strave itself is a survival-themed game with the main elements of exploration, gathering, and crafting where the mobile version itself gets new features such as new creatures, buildings and various new items. Amazingly what makes this game quite popular, Don’t Strave offers an element called new social and multiplayer elements that allow players to interact and survive with other players.

Source : gamebox

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