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Persona 4 Golden Release on PC A Huge Success

After a long wait, Persona 4 Golden has finally released the PC version via Steam. The presence of the Persona series officially on this platform has been long awaited by PC gamers. Well, this time this game was actually released on the PC version supported by an affordable regional price and also a pretty solid port. As a result, the popularity of this game is also rising.

Data from the Steam Chart also shows that the number of concurrent online players who had beaten Final Fantasy XV PC. This also makes this game managed to get the title of the busiest JRPG offline game ever present on Steam.

Atlus himself also agrees with this. Through their Twitter account, they mentioned that Persona 4 Golden on PC could be called a huge success. They also thanked the gamers who have played and completed this game, and advised not to give spoilers to other gamers.

How about you guys? Has anyone also played this game?

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