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Tencent Now Owns Developer Spec Ops: The Line

The name Tencent continues to be a hot topic for everyone in the gaming industry. The journey of this Chinese company is indeed quite interesting to follow. Starting from the games that are under their auspices to the routine to continue to expand their name in this industry.

Recently, it was reported that they had succeeded in controlling 5% of the shares of Game Science as the developer behind Black Myth Wukong. Not only that, Tencent also has shares in various other well-known developers.

Tencent buys majority stake in Yager

Tencent Now Owns Developer Spec Ops The Line
Spec Ops: The Line | 2K

Call it like Activision, Ubisoft, Riot Games, Epic Games, BlueHole, Dondnot, Platinum Games and many more. This proves that Tencent is not playing around in expanding their reach in this industry.

Instead of taking a break from their routine, Tencent has now announced that it has managed to buy a majority stake in Developer Spec Ops: The Line – Yager. This makes Tencent now the owner of the developer.

Become the new owner of Yager!

But unfortunately, there is no information regarding this purchase. On the other hand, Yager himself is ready to return to the surface through The Cycle, which is planned to be released in 2022 without a definite release date.

Despite being owned by Tencent, Yager explained that they are still operating independently. Approximately how much money did Tencent disburse to buy the majority stake in this developer? Give your feedback.

sources: Daniel Ahmad

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