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Tencent and EA will close Call of Duty Online

Tencent has announced that they will be closing Call of Duty Online after 6 years since it was first launched. They hope that fans can temporarily switch to Call of Duty Mobile for now.

The reason for the closure of the Call of Duty Online server was also due to a decrease in player growth. Although Call of Duty Online is indeed one of the leading franchises in the Chinese market. However, now the game must be closed for good.

Call of Duty Online is closed

Call Of Duty Online Will Close
Call Of Duty Online | Youtube

Now Tencent itself plans to continue to encourage and support players through Call of Duty Mobile. For those of you who don’t know, COD Online first entered the beta stage in 2012.

Then in 2022 this one game was released exclusively for the Chinese market. The Call of Duty franchise has previously struggled quite a bit to break through to its Chinese girlfriend because it does have pretty strict rules for this.

COD Mobile Success

After 6 years, now the game will really be closed by Tencent. One of the reasons for this closure, of course, is the huge success that Call of Duty Mobile has achieved in the Chinese market.

This decision will not affect other Call of Duty, but certainly will not be accepted by the fans directly. Activision hopes to shift players in Call of Duty Online to Call of Duty: Mobile and increase the overall population of the Mobile platform experience.

Finally, Tencent and EA expressed their gratitude to the fans for all this time. Registration for this one game will close on June 1 and will officially shut down on August 31.

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sources: Gamerant

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