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Team Asobi Officially Joins PlayStation Studios!

We all know that Sony Japan Studio is now gone. But will the developers at Sony Japan Studio just disappear? Of course not. They have now formed a team and have their own plans.

Including Team Asobi, as the developer of Astro Bot, which has now announced that they have become part of PlayStation Studios. This news itself emerged 4 months after Sony Japan Studio was discontinued.

Team Asobi becomes part of PlayStation Studios

Team Asobi Officially Joins Playstation Studios
Team Asobi | PS Fanatic

For those of you who don’t know, Team Asobi itself has been part of Sony since 2012. They were formed about a year before the PlayStation 4 was launched by Sony in 2022.

Along with this announcement, Team Asobi now has a new logo. The logo has a variety of different colors, this logo is also seen accompanying all upcoming Team Asobi games.

Get a new Studio

Team Asobi Officially Joins Playstation Studios
Team Asobi | IGN

There is no further information about what Team Asobi plans to do after joining PlayStation Studios. Head of PlayStation Studios – Hermen Hulst said that PlayStation is currently developing a Studio in Tokyo for Team Asobi.

They will use this studio to create an IP for all ages with global appeal. Hulst also teased fans with the presence of the latest Astro: Bot although this is not necessarily true.

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sources: IGN

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