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Take a Peek at One of 88-Year-Old Grandma's Animal Crossing

After playing for 4,000 hours Animal Crossing: New Leaf Audrey (88 years) Puts some of her old age at Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

One of the players Animal Crossing: New The 88-year-old Leaft has gone viral in a YouTube video that has been viewed nearly 11 million times. The veteran player reveals that he has played 3DS games almost every day for four years, accumulating 3,580 hours of playtime.

Fans raised $500/8 million rupiah to buy him the Animal Crossing edition of the Nintendo Switch console.

“Well that looks interesting,” Audrey said after creating her character and flying over to the island. “The graphics are good… It looks more realistic than the previous one.”

He also said that he now likes it after understanding the controls, but he will continue to play New Leaf as well because he doesn’t want to stop tending the flowers in older games.

“I will take the time to play both,” he added. “Thanks for the Nintendo.”

Audrey named her character after her own name, and she has a wolf that is almost similar to her name, the Wolf’s name is Audie.

“Thanks for all the kind messages about my wonderful grandmother regarding her inclusion in the new Animal Crossing game,” he wrote.

Reacting to the video on Youtube, Audrey’s grandson “Paul Hubans” said he “choked” when he saw it.

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