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SYN, Cyberpunk Themed Open World FPS Game from Tencent!

Tencent will release its newest Cyberpunk-themed Open World FPS game named SYN

A few days ago, through the annual Tencent Games event, they officially announced a new Cyberpunk-themed game entitled SYN.

SYN is FPS open world game themed cyberpunk developed by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios. This game will later be released for PC and console platforms.

Interestingly, SYN uses the Unreal Engine made by Epic Games so that the graphics offered from the game can look very realistic and also fantastic. Moreover, Tencent is also working with Epic Games to make the game happen.

As can be seen in the almost 3-minute Tech Demo video, Tencent has also shown what features of character customization, pets, and vehicles are quite detailed and gamers are free to choose three factions consisting of, Anarchy, Enfocers, and Motorheads.

As of this writing, it is still unknown when Tencent will launch the game. However, it is known that they want SYN to be released globally. So, let’s just wait for further information, my friend GameZeRO!

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