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Surprise! Tekken is finally getting its Anime Adaptation on Netflix

Movies, live-action series, or animated series adapted by video games are now becoming a trend. The success of many titles from Castlevania to Arcane has made more and more publishers want to follow in his footsteps.

Bandai Namco turned out to be one of the publishers who finally followed this trend. And surprisingly they brought one of their iconic fighting game titles, Tekken, to become an animated series.

Unmitigated, Bandai Namco collaborated with Netflix to release this animated series entitled Tekken: Bloodline. Along with the announcement, Netflix also released the first trailer for this animation.

From the first trailer, it is clear that the iconic character Jin Kazama will be the main protagonist in this series. And the audience will be able to see how the process that Jin must go through to become a formidable fighter like in his game.

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In its official description on Youtube, the animated series Tekken Bloodline is described as follows:

“”Strength is everything”. Jin Kazama learned the family martial art, namely the Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts, from his mother from an early age. However, he was helpless when an evil force suddenly appeared, destroying everything he held dear and changed his life forever.

Angry at himself for not being able to stop him, Jin vows revenge and pursues the ultimate power to make it happen. This quest of his will lead him to a fierce battle on the world stage—the Tournament of the King of Iron Fist.”

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