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Ubisoft's Newest Game, Roller Champions Now Delayed (Again)

Delaying the release date of the game seems to be a common thing that many fans have to understand. But those sacrifices seem to make more sense than having to get a half-finished or problematic game.

Ubisoft is one of the publishers who have delayed a lot of their projects. Previously, Rainbow Six Extraction, Riders Republic, The Settler (reboot), and now Roller Champions.

Roller Champions is one of Ubisoft’s experimental sports games that combines roller skating, nascar, rubgby, and basketball.

Last year, Ubisoft mentioned that they would release Roller Champions on March 31, 2022, but about 10 days before the release the developers announced that they still needed time.

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The last-second announcement itself was originally announced via the Discord Roller Champions server, which stated that they would be postponing the game until late spring.

“After evaluating all possible scenarios, the development team has finally concluded that they need more time to deliver the perfect game that players are supposed to get,” reads the official announcement.

Ubisoft believes that the postponement is the right decision to appreciate the enthusiasm of the fans and also the development team for this game.

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