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Surely win! Use These 5 Marksman Heroes to Counter Wanwan Mobile Legends

Wanwan is one of the strongest Marksman heroes today, which is often used by Mobile Legends players. One of the reasons why Wanwan can become popular is her high attack speed and very agile mobility, making her the main choice for Mobile Legends players.

If you are a Gold Lane player and hate having to deal with Wanwan, maybe you can try using the following Marksman heroes to counter Wanwan in Mobile Legends.

Best Marksman Hero Recommendation for Counter Wanwan

To have the following heroes, make sure you top up the Mobile Legends diamond first, okay? Because you can get the following heroes by exchanging a number of diamonds.

1. Clint

The first Marksman hero you can rely on to counter Wanwan in Mobile Legends is Clint. You could say Clint is a natural counter if you are dealing with Wanwan in the same lane.

You can use Clint's passive ability which can provide additional True Damage to attack Wanwan from a safer distance. Especially if you use the right build of Clint , it will definitely be easy for Clint to finish off Wanwan.

2. Lesley

Besides Clint, Lesley is another best hero that you can rely on when dealing with Wanwan in a match. As we know, Lesley himself is a Marksman who can give Critical Damage to his opponents.

Moreover, Lesley himself is one of the Marksman heroes with the farthest attack range in Mobile Legends . So that Lesley could repay Wanwan's HP from a safer distance without fear of being attacked by Wanwan.

3. Make Sun-shin

As one of the strongest Jungler heroes in Mobile Legends , Yi Sun-shin can also be your choice when your opponent chooses Wanwan's hero in the match.

Yi Sun-shin had skills that were very useful to finish off Wanwan easily. Therefore, Yi Sun-shin is included as one of the heroes to counter Wanwan in Mobile Legends.

4. Brody

Strong as well as deadly, two words that describe the abilities of the hero Brody. Because of Brody's strong ability, you can beat Wanwan with this one hero.

Moreover, Brody is also famous for his Base Damage which is already sick even though he doesn't have an Attack item yet. If you use the right build of Brody , it is certain that Wanwan will be easily defeated by Brody.

5. Irithel

Irithel is another Marksman hero that you can use to counter Wanwan in the game. As we know, Irithel himself is one of the Marksman heroes who is quite agile because he is able to attack opponents while moving.

With this ability, Irithel can easily attack Wanwan while avoiding her attacks so Wanwan can't break her Weakness Point. Because as we know, to unlock Wanwan 's ultimate , he must destroy all the Weakness Points on his opponent. If you manage to dodge Wanwan's attack, then Wanwan won't be able to use her ultimate skill.

Well, those are some of the best Marksman heroes that you can use to counter Wanwan Mobile Legends. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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