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Auto Savage! These are 5 Tips for Using Dyrroth Mobile Legends

One of the Fighter heroes that is currently on the rise is Dyrroth. This hero has a very great ability for 1 vs 1 battles with opponents. That's why many players are starting to see the potential of this hero.

Well, for those of you who don't know how to use this hero, here are we, which summarizes some tips for using Dyrroth Mobile Legends. Just take a look at the following article to the end!

Tips for being good at using Dyrroth in Mobile Legends

To have Dyrroth, you can buy it using 32,000 BP or 599 Diamond. So make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top up first! If you already have this hero, just check the following tips for using it.

1. Understand the Skills He Has

The first tip for those of you who want to learn to use Dyrroth is to understand all the skills possessed by this Offlaner hero. The following is a brief explanation of the skills possessed by Dyrroth.

Passive Skill (Wrath of the Abyss): When Dyrroth's Rage reaches 50%, he will increase his Burst Strike and Specter Step skills. After every 2 Basic Attacks, Dyrroth will release Circle Strike, dealing Physical Damage to enemies in the circle area and regenerating HP according to the damage he deals (Circle Strike has no ATK effect). Every time he hits an enemy hero, the CD of Burst Strike and Specter Step skills will decrease by 1 second.

Skill 1 (Burst Strike): Dyrroth releases Burst Strike in the specified direction. Each explosion deals Physical Damage to enemies and slows them down for a while. (Abyss Enhanced): Burst Strike has more range, deals 140% of original Damage, and its Slow effect is doubled.

Skill 2 (Spectre Step): Dyrroth runs in the designated direction. He will stop when he hits the target, dealing physical damage to the enemy. When he uses this skill again, he will lock on the target and release Fatal Strike, dealing additional Physical ATK of Physical Damage and reducing the target's Physical Defense by 50% which lasts for 4 seconds. (Abyss Enhanced): Fatal Strike will deal 150% of the original damage, slow the target by 90% and reduce the target's physical defense by 75%. Lasts for 4 seconds.

Skill 3 (Abysm Strike): Dyrroth quickly charges and releases Fatal Strike, dealing Physical Damage equal to 650(+250% Additional Physical ATK) + 20% of the enemy's lost HP to enemies it passes and slowing down enemies. them by 55%. Lasts for 0.8 seconds.

2. Watch Stack

The next tip when you use Dyrroth is to pay attention to the Stack it has. Stack here is meant for his passive skill that can increase Dyrroth's attack.

To increase the stack of the passive skill, you can inflict damage to your opponent or minion using the Burst Strike (Skill 1) or Basic Attack skill.

If the Stack has been collected by 50% or more, then you can directly attack your opponent using Dyrroth's skills. It aims to make the damage produced by Dyrroth even more deadly.

3. Destroy the Opponent's Armor First

Dyrroth's Specter Step (Skill 2) skill as previously described has the ability to reduce the opponent's Physical Defense or Armor. Well, you can take advantage of the ability of this skill to be able to destroy the opponent's defense.

For example, you are dealing with an opponent who has thick armor like the hero Esmeralda , now you can use the Specter Step skill first to destroy Esmeralda's armor, then attack using another skill. Also make sure you pay attention to the Stack owned by Dyrroth so that his abilities are maximized.

4. Aim for Weak Heroes!

The next tip for those of you who use the Dyrroth hero is to target opponent heroes who are easy to kill, for example like the Mage hero or the opponent 's Marksman hero . Because as we know, Dyrroth's Burst Damage can make him finish off the enemy in one combo skill.

Therefore, it is better for you to target weak opponent heroes first so that they can benefit team members when a war or team fight occurs.

5. Use the Right Item Build

The last tip for those of you who are learning to use Dyrroth is to know the right build item settings for this Fighter hero. By using the right Dyrroth build , the attacks from this hero will be even more deadly.

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