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Strengths and Weaknesses of Hero Kaja in Mobile Legends Bang-Bang Games

Kaja is one of the heroes who has quite strong magical power if used properly and correctly.

This hero is also widely used by pro players because Kaja can also be used to counter opposing heroes.

However, like most other heroes, Kaja is a hero who has several advantages and disadvantages.

What are the strengths/weaknesses of Hero Kaja? Here’s the explanation.

Advantages of Kaja

A very agile and agile hero

Kaja can be categorized as one of the slippery and agile heroes to catch. With a skill that allows for a dash, it allows the hero to move faster.

It can be said that Kaja’s Basic Movement Speed ​​is also very high. This advantage is also one of the advantages of Kaja compared to other heroes.

Has deadly Crowd Control

With high hero power, it is possible to do deadly crowd control. Using skill combos and damage items that Kaja has, he can do crowd control that can easily give instant kills to opponents.

Hero who can counter all heroes

Kaja’s ability, namely crowd control, can make this hero able to counter almost all heroes. The ability to control the crowd by locking yourself in and giving the opponent a pull effect makes Kaja quite scary if played correctly.

Hero that is very easy to play

Kaja is one of the heroes who doesn’t need high mechanical skills. This makes Kaja playable by all mobile legends players, coupled with great skill and damage effects

Strong In Early Game

Kaja is also one of the heroes with a fairly high initial damage. This hero can rush in the early game, which has the potential to provide a big advantage for the team.

Disadvantages of Kaja

Make no mistake “Kidnapping”

One of the shortcomings of this hero is that users cannot make mistakes related to “kidnapping”. This is because it can be the master’s weapon for yourself and the team

Therefore, the Kaja user must be able to target the opponent’s hero, who can be “kidnapped”.

Hero Tank who “Bears”

Kaja, who is positioned as a hero with a “support” role, cannot be used as a pure tank. This is what drives many players to use Kaja with hybrid builds.

Weak in Late Game

even though it has a fairly large damage at the beginning, but Kaja will be quite difficult if played until the late game. this is because Kaja is not a hero who has a thick HP, plus opponents who may have used defense items to withstand Kaja’s damage in the late game

Timing must be Right

In order not to fail in kidnapping the opponent’s hero, the user needs to know when the timing is right to initiate.

This is necessary to avoid blunders that can occur, and in fact, quite a lot of players often make mistakes when doing piracy.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Hero Kaja. Are you interested in using it?

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