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Steam Enters ChromeOS Soon, Here's a List of Supported Chromebooks!

Steam is a platform that many gamers are familiar with, being one of the means of playing games on PC has made Steam the most successful platform.

Most recently, Steam seems to still want to continue to present new innovations to make Steam more accessible to gamers.

Past an announcementGoogle announced that they are now developing Steam to run on Chromebooks running the ChromeOS operating system.

They also added that in the near future, they will soon release an alpha version of Steam for some Chromebook devices.

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The names of the Chromebook devices that support the alpha version are:

The specifications for running Steam on ChromeOS have also been determined where users need to have a minimum i5/i7 Gen 11 processor with 7GB RAM support.

This clearly shows that the alpha version seems to only be present on high-spec Chromebooks for the time being.

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