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Starfield Won't Go to PlayStation

Starfield is a game made by Bethesda which is still quite mysterious to this day. Before Microsoft actually bought it, it was possible that Starfield would later be released for various platforms, including PlayStation.

But this began to change when Bethesda was actually owned by Microsoft. It is possible that Starfield will be released exclusively for Xbox and PC. Sure enough, it was now confirmed that this would actually happen.

Starfield won’t go to PlayStation

Even so, there are various reports that Starfield will also be released on the PlayStation console. Although there has been no confirmation from Microsoft or Bethesda regarding this.

However, it seems that the news is not true. At least this is confirmed by the General Manager of Xbox – Aaron Greenberg. He confirmed that Starfield will not go for a Sony console at the time of its release or in the future.

Permanent for Xbox and PC!

This was revealed by Aaron Greenberg when responding tweets from The Red Dragon, who shared information regarding Pete Hines (SVP of Bethesda) who said that Starfield could be available on PlayStation.

This will certainly be bad news for PlayStation users, especially those who previously had high hopes that the game would go to Sony’s console. Regardless, Starfield itself is scheduled to launch on November 2022 for Xbox Series X and PC.

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