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Stardew Valley Reaches 15 Million Coffee

Sometimes everyone needs a refreshing after a long day. Where playing games with a relaxed theme is one of the right choices for this.

There are many games that are designed to be played casually and have the goal of just having fun. One of the games that most people almost play to relax is of course Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley sales hit 15 million copies

Stardew Valley Reaches 15 Million Coffee
Stardew Valley | Gamebrot

This farming simulation game is very suitable when you want to relax when you are tired of doing an excessive activity. Having existed for a long time and growing older, Stardew Valley shows no signs of ending like the others.

Evidently, according to the latest report, Stardew Valley has now crossed 15 million copies worldwide. This number has increased by 5 million copies since the beginning of 2022. There is no information regarding which platforms Stardew Valley is widely played on.

Ready to hold an esports tournament

Stardew Valley Reaches 15 Million Coffee
Stardew Valley | Gameindo

Until now, the developer has not made a decision whether to update the game such as content updates and others. However, now Stardew Valley will be ready to hold its first Esports tournament in the near future.

You can now play Stardew Valley on all available platforms. Are you one of the gamers who are part of this sale? Give your feedback.

sources: Nintendo Life

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