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Skylar said he wanted to join EVOS before finally joining RRQ, Games

Skylar said that he really wanted to join EVOS Legends as a team he really admired.

RRQ frontman Hoshi Skylar finally made a guest appearance in Jonathan Liandi’s YouTube video Empetalk. In the video, Skylar claims to want to join RRQ Hoshi’s eternal rival, EVOS Legends.

He expressed Skylar’s desire to be able to play with EVOS Legends to answer Jonathan Liandi’s question about the team he admires, besides RRQ Hoshi.

According to Skylar, before becoming a part of RRQ Hoshi, he was a fan of EVOS Esports. No kidding, his first Insta Story upload to Instagram was to celebrate the Macan’s victory in MPL Season 4.

In this regard, Skylar admits that he really wants to join EVOS Legends as a team that is highly admired in the pro scene of Mobile Legends.

I used to be an EVOS supporter, my first story was EVOS won MPL Season 4. I used to be an EVOS fan, not RRQ. My dream is to play on EVOSSkylar explained.

In the same video, Skylar shares a story about himself when he first entered the pro scene in Mobile Legends. Coming from Manado, RRQ became his first team when he moved to Jakarta.

Not only that, in this video, Skylar also talks a lot about his performance during MPL Season 9. Playing well with Beatrix, Skylar succeeded in bringing victory to the king’s team in the event.

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