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Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends June 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates which are very cool for you to see. Even with the June 2022 Mobile Legends (ML) Fragment Shop Skin, it will indeed provide something new for the exchange. So those of you who don't have the old skin, now is the opportunity now.

In fact, there are still many new things that will be coming soon to this game, so that players can feel all of it well. Then with the several opportunities of the new Missions now, it will continue to grow more and be very profitable for all of us.

Through a Buff and the Latest Nerf Hero in Mobile Legends , you will also receive lots of cool skin updates from here. So it's impossible to just miss it, so we can get a lot of cool things for us to try later.

Then with the presence of a Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) in June 2022, you have to be prepared with all this. Because its appearance will be valid for 1 patch, I will give you a very cool hero Skin for you to determine.

Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) Juni 2022

On May 25, 2022, this Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends will change for a period of 1 Patch until June. Of course, that way you will get another free exchange as long as you have a Fragment Skin that must be available now.

In my opinion, this change is really good, especially for those of you who like to use Fanny. First, learn Tips for Using Fanny Mobile Legends Heroes , so that later you will be able to provide a much stronger resistance when competing.

Of course with the Skin Fragment Shop June 2022 right now, we're sure to have some really interesting top picks. Because some of these Skins have also been looked for by many players, but because they didn't appear, they were finally present in the feature first.

The following are the Skin Fragment Shops that will appear in the game soon:


Angela – Shanghai Maiden (Starlight)

Gusion – Cyber Ops (Starlight)

Fanny – Royal Calvary (Starlight)

Gatotkaca – Mighty Guardian (Normal)

Hylos – Abyssal Shaman (Elite)


Roger – Anubis (Starlight)

Harley – Royal Magister (Starlight)

Franco – Apocalypse (Starlight)

Minotaur – Sacred Hammer (Elite)

Hanzo – Pale Phantom (Normal)

Of course, with the entry and exit of this Skin Fragment Shop, you don't need to be confused about which one to choose. But my Esports advice if you really want to get Skin from Fragment now (Franco's example), then do it before May 25, 2022 at 3 PM.

Because on that date and time, this place will change its skin and you won't be able to get it again later. Because it has changed the turn for exchanging Fragment Skins that are available now in the Mobile Legends game.

Of course, with an opportunity like this, players can immediately exchange the skin they like. Of course, this opportunity is available for 1 patch until the end of June, if you can, just exchange it so you don't miss the free skin, especially the prize itself is a special Starlight.

Of course, after seeing the Skin Fragment Shop Mobile Legends (ML) June 2022, you will not turn away from the content that is currently available. So that later you have cool skins in the game to be confident when using your own hero.

Moreover, that way you can try to know the cool Skin Revamp Irithel Mobile Legends , maybe those who have it will be happy with this. Because a lot has changed, it has even become an Epic Skin that is classified as special.

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