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Sands of Time Remake Postponed to 2022

In recent years, the trend to bring back old games to remasters or remakes is indeed on the rise. Besides being able to bring a sense of nostalgia to old gamers, of course the developers will also get gamers who don’t know about the game.

This remaster or remake project is also a success. There are already many names that have succeeded by bringing their old games back to the surface. Like Capcom with Resident Evil to Square Enix with Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Prince of Persia Remake . Delayed

Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time Remake Postponed To 2022
Prince Of Persia Sands Of Time | Youtube

Seeing the success of these two companies, of course other companies are also starting to be interested in bringing their old games to the surface. One of them is Ubisoft with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake.

Last year, they officially announced the presence of Prince of Persia Remake. The plan for this game itself will be released in January 2022. But unfortunately, they also have to postpone the game to March 2022.

Back postponed to 2022

Furthermore, they also showed the first trailer of the game, but did not get a positive response from the fans. Like it or not, Ubisoft had to postpone the game again to an uncertain date until now.

Instead of coming up with good news, Ubisoft has now confirmed that they will be delaying the release of Prince of Persia Remake to 2022. Ubisoft also expressed their gratitude to the fans who have been patiently waiting for the game.

They will share the latest information if they are ready with the game. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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