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RRQ AP Comments on Zeys' Posts About Casters Games

Zeys, who recently issued a statement regarding the performance of the MPL casters. The CEO of Team RRQ also commented on the matter.

Many have highlighted the writings of this Evos Legends coach, novice casters, analysts even outside the MLBB scene, who also highlight this.

The role of the casters as talents who support the success of the tournament always brings pros and cons for the audience.

Despite the pros and cons, they still enjoyed the casters’ food.

The various actions of the casters, ranging from the style of presenting the match to how to arouse and lead the audience’s hype, were varied.

According to Zeys, sometimes actions or perhaps words come from casters who are accused of leading public opinion against their team or perhaps a certain player figure.

Through an upload on his Instagram account, Andrian “AP” Pauline as the CEO of the RRQ team appreciated the performance of the casters.

“For me the role of the caster is very important. Responding to content that is over-focused so that it can lead to opinions, honestly, nothing is excessive. I’ve seen 99% of what the caster is talking about, especially the Indonesian one, is still in the normal stage. If something is excessive, there should also be a warning from their EO,” said Mr. AP.

Based on the opinion above, we see that the casters should never intend to lead public opinion. For Mr. AP, the performance of MPL wheels is very good.

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