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RPG Lovers, You Must Try Another Eden

Fans of the RPG genre are apparently still mushrooming until now. The birth of tens to hundreds gamesas Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Undertale, Dragon Questand others, are clear evidence of the “big” market for this mass RPG type game.

This time the discussion will focus on one of the games The RPGs that are being loved in the last two years, namely Another Eden (in this paper abbreviated AE).

About Another Eden

another eden wallpaper

Games this is one of dozens of role playing games, ok single or multiplayer, recommended by many gamer (source: UP Station). Come on, discuss further!

Developer and Year of Release

The company responsible for this slick game is Wright Flyer Studio (WFS Inc.), a developer games based in Japan.

AE is the first project of WFS Inc. That’s why, the development team must give their best effort in developing masterpiece-his. Then, approximately two years ago, namely June 25, 2022, WFS Inc. released his phenomenal first work.

It is proven that this RPG game has beendownload by at least 1 million Android users with Another Eden Review and rating impressive.


As mentioned earlier that the game discussed this time is of the RPG type, meaning Role-Playing Games.

When translated games It is a game played by role playing. So, throughout the game, player asked to control the actions of a character called, Avatar. This Avatar character carries various attributes ranging from physical appearance to skills fight. Gamers usually create their Avatar early in the game.

Really, RPG is a game without limits that has a strong addiction because players will enjoy the pleasant sensation of being in a vast world of missions accompanied by settings, items, enemies, friends, etc. Check here for detailed information about RPGs!

Genre This RPG certainly has a big impact on Another Eden gameplay. You will automatically feel the experience of playing a classic RPG. How come? The flow of the game starting from getting the character, leveling up the character, changing the character’s weapon/equipment, and also honing the skills obtained have the same flow. gameplay traditional.

Plot gameplay AE that shows a more classic side is that you have as many as six characters in one team. Each team has a goal to lower the enemy’s HP. You are considered a winner if you can do it.


Passionate or not a game is not only seen but also heard. That’s right, the selection of audio (especially music) of course also affects your playing experience on a game games.

That’s why the development team teamed up with several well-known composers. According to the Nawala Karsa page, there are three great names involved, such as Yasunori Mitsuda (previous projects: Chrono Trigger and Xenogears), Mariam Abounnasr (previous projects: Xenoblade 2 and Valkyria Revolution), and Shunsuke Tsuchiya (previous projects: Luminous Arc 2 and Arc Rise). fantasy).

As a result, the use of background music is very suitable for the conditions of the game. You’ll find the tempo of the song going high during the fight and the tempo of the song turning low when you’re relaxing. That way, you are guaranteed to enjoy the story even more with the best accompanying music.


One thing that is fun from all over games Japanese output is the Gacha system, meaning that there is a lucky share to get items and required characters. However, the Gacha system is not applied to the whole game Another Eden because you still have to play a role to unlock new characters.

Gacha itself is actually a shortened name for Gashapon, a toy vending machine in Japan. The toys are usually wrapped in a capsule and removed at random. If lucky, players will get items which are desired. However, if not, the player will try again. Stay cool! Rates are still quite reasonable how come.


The menu in the AE application is very simple so that it is easy to operate without having to look at the video tutorial. Existing menu supports character upgrades, weapons/combat equipment, and more.


Characters in the AE world are offered at several levels, from 5 to 3 stars. There are many characters in each leveling this. In addition, characters also have different elements, for example water, fire, earth, and others.

Not only elements, the type of weapon is different for each character. One example of AE’s favorite four-star character gamer are Miyu and Pom. The weapons he uses are a sword (Miyu) and a magic wand (Pom).

In addition, Miyu has the element of fire. While Pom has the element of light.


The initial story begins with the story of Aldo and his sister (Feinne). Aldo has to deal with a demon lord who wants to use his younger brother as an object of extermination of humans on earth.

Can Aldo save his sister? In the midst of despair that hit him, Aldo experienced a time distortion and was stranded into the future. Next, the adventure of Aldo’s character in the fantasy world begins.

The story continues to roll so that it displays a game story that penetrates space and time. epic-AE’s story cannot be separated from the intervention of Masato Kato, a legendary writer of many projects games, including Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Baten Kaitos.

How Do Users Respond To Another Eden?

another eden gameplay

AE logged in as games most popular so far. from his favourite, Games This has succeeded in attracting the interest of more than 1 million players to download the application Another Eden Playstore. no kidding, rating It also earns a high rating of 4.5 stars. Why so?

There are at least seven reasons AE becomes very attractive, namely:

  1. Serving a light yet impressive story.
  2. Full features and details.
  3. Stunning graphics.
  4. Various character choices.
  5. Best music.
  6. The gameplay presents a classic yet modern feel (beyond the limitations of space and time).
  7. Another Eden Wallpaper cool.

That was a review about the game Another Eden. If you want to be free to find information about games, top-ups, and more, you should visit the UniPin page. There, you will not only find one kind games only, but tens to hundreds games available. Not only that, you can also purchase vouchers through Jenius Pay, GoPay, Indomaret, and others.

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