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Rows of Mainstay Heroes to Watch Out for from MPL PH Team at MSC 2022 Games

After MPL Season 9 ends in the Southeast Asia region, the winners of MPL will meet at MSC 2022 this year. The second largest official MLBB event after the M World Series is prestigious enough to win.

The fierce battle between the Indonesian team against the Philippines as the two strongest MLBB countries will culminate in MSC 2022. Indonesia has been defeated three times by the Philippines in M2, MSC 2022 and finally M3. Of course, the Indonesian MLBB public no longer wants to accept defeat from the Philippines. RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports should at least be wary of some of the best heroes from the following Philippine MPL teams so they don’t miss out!


According to MPL Philippines statistics for season 9, there are five best-selling heroes chosen by the participating teams there. RSG PH and Smart Omega will of course prioritize these heroes at MSC 2022.

Esmeralda, Beatrix, Yve, Lanclot and Chou are the five most frequently featured heroes in MPL PH. Esmralda is a stable offlaner, strong from early to late game. Filipino-style Beatriex is known for its player mechanics such as Kelra or Oheb who are nicknamed “Filipino Sniper”

Chou also became an icon of the PH team. It can be used as a roamer, sidelane or popularly as a jungler. The mechanics of the high PH MPL players also maintain the existence of core assassins like Lancelot as one of the top picks

For mages, Yve who gives high laning and Teamfight strength is a hero with a high pick rate but also a high tire rate, Like MPL Indonesia, Yve should be picked straight away if he doesn’t want to be used.


Especially for Beatrix, this hero appeared 81 times in MPL PH Season 9 with a win rate of 63%. This figure is more than the total matches in the MPL PH playoffs and almost 60% of the total matches in the regular season.

Another unique thing to watch out for is the appearance of cheese pick heroes like Eudora or Akai who have high win rates even though their pick rates are still small.

Don’t forget Roger and Valentina, they are the two heroes with the highest win rate in MPL PH. Roger is still the mainstay for the jungle, unlike MPL Indonesia which has started to switch to tank heroes like Baxia or Karina tanks.

Valentina provides fast rotation and skills to counter big ultimate heroes like Yve, Pharsa or Yu Zhong. This hero is also strong on the lane and troublesome with the “dizzy” effect that the other skill gives him.

These are some of the mainstay heroes of the MPL PH team that the Indonesian team should watch out for at MSC 2022. The two countries seem to have meta differences, and RRQ Hoshi and ONIC, of ​​course, are already looking for a good way to silence the arrogance of the Philippine team at the upcoming MSC.

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