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Rockstar Games Announces GTA IV Now Can Be Played Again on Steam!

GTA IV finally can be played again via Steam

GTA IV is an Open World action-adventure game made by Rockstar Games which tells about Niko Bellic’s journey in Liberty City and was once a game that had the most realistic graphics of its era. Well, after previously Rockstar had pulled GTA IV from the Steam Platform because there were several things that needed to be updated and now finally the game is back with a new update.

Through Rockstar Games’ official Twitter, they announced that this update can now be enjoyed by PC gamers Steam which has GTA IV in the library. Meanwhile, the size of the update that needs to be downloaded is 6GB for those who have installed it base game from GTA IVwhile for those who have not had to download for 22GB.

In addition, Rockstar Games Party also said that GTA IV : Complete Edition will be sold and can only be purchased on March 24 later. Well, hopefully with this update GTA IV will be even better, the previous article is game optimization GTA IV in PC arguably quite bad and very difficult to play smoothly.

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