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Riot Games is Developing Valorant Mobile!

The development of the mobile market can no longer be denied. In the last few years, Mobile has become one of the markets that giant game companies have begun to look at.

There are many giant companies that have now managed to dominate the cellular market. Names like EA and Tencent have now managed to dominate this one market with a variety of games made by them.

Mobile competitive realm

Valorant Goes Mobile
Valorant | Ferris wheel

With the concept of free-to-play, these companies benefit from the microtransactions in it. On the other hand, the competitive realm of mobile games has also begun to develop very rapidly.

Even now you can find various competitive tournament games on the Mobile platform. It’s no wonder that there are now a lot of competitive games that are also present on the Mobile platform.

Valorant goes to Mobile

Valorant Goes Mobile
Valorant | Medcom

Call it like PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite and now it’s Valorant’s turn. It was recently reported that Valorant will be heading to the Mobile platform in the near future. This news itself was announced through the anniversary of Valorant’s first birthday.

Riot Games says that bringing Valorant to the Mobile market is one of the most rational options for now. Valorant Mobile They are currently busy developing it without a definite release schedule.

To become Valorant’s competitive realm, they will also not provide a cross-play feature between PC and smartphone players. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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