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Ring Of Elysium (ROE) will beat PUBG Mobile.

This PC game is Ring Of Elysium (ROE), one of the Battle Royal genre games which is a new competitor for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The developer of this game provides several genius innovations that make this game worthy of ogling gamers and become a serious competitor to PUBG. Maybe in the future there will be professional competitions and international tournaments for this pubg-like game.

In many ways, Ring Of Elysium is pretty much the same as PUBG. However, the games released for this PC have a class system of different levels of mobility so that players choose the game they want.

This is what distinguishes Ring Of Elysium from similar games on the market.
In this PUBG rival game, players can choose a location point to start the game and each player can see another player’s location point when starting the game. This is quite different from PUBG, where at the beginning of this game the player jumps from the plane and then starts looking for loot to get weapons and items.

At the beginning of the game, each player will be asked to choose a location point where they will start the game. Players will be given the freedom to choose 1 of 3 different class systems. Each has a different sensation and advantage. The available class system depends on the active map, to date there are five class systems.

Namely, Paraglider, Mountain Climber, Snowboard, BMX Bike, Grappling Hook. Each class system offers a different level of mobility, starting items when starting the game and transportation methods. Players can choose snowboarding, gliding or ziplining. This is the feature that sets it apart from PUBG and other games of the same genre.

Try it before you play the PUBG game, you play the Ring Of Elysium game first. The difference will be very pronounced, the game will feel much slower because there are only a few mobility options. Surely the difference will be felt if you play the PUBG game again after playing Ring Of Elysium for a while.

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