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Renowned Website Game Developer Miniclip, Starts New Studio Expansion in Portugal!

The well-known game company Miniclip seems to be starting to expand its wings by opening a new operating studio.

Miniclip is famous for its website games, until now they are also famous for their Mobile games such as and gravity guy.

Their new studio itself is located in the Taguspark Technology park in Lisbon, Portugal.

In 2010, Miniclip changed their business model which was initially focused on website games to become a mobile game company. Their new office is also equipped with various facilities that support its employees.

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Reporting from gamingonphone, Marius Manolache, as COO of Miniclip said that “As a continuation of our expansion, we are pleased to announce the opening of our new branch office in Taguspark, Portugal.

Miniclip has made significant investments in the Portuguese gaming industry since 2010 almost doubling its performance and the arrival of this new studio is expected to continue its growth and commitment to maintain investment in the region. We can’t wait to invite all the Miniclippers living in Portugal to welcome them to their new home.

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