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Rebellion Zion Defeated by RRQ Hoshi in MPL Season 9 Week 7 Day 3 Games

On day 3, MPL Season 9 week 7 brought together Rebellion Zion with RRQ Hoshi. RRQ Hoshi made a hot match with intense resistance and was able to beat Rebellion Zion and secure the upper bracket.

For this first match, Rebellion Zion decided to bring Birul with Chou, Vall with Atlas, Dyren with Esmeralda, Swaylow with Yve, and Jisaa with Karina.

The RRQ team itself brought in Albert with Hayabusa, Skylar with Beatrix, R7 with Grock, Vyn with Diggie, and Clay with Cecilion.

With First Blood, Rebellion Zion dominates the early game kill points. In the 9th minute, Skylar’s Beatrix game changed the situation. On the other hand, many of RRQ Hoshi’s powerful attacks can be stopped by Rebellion Zion very well

After RRQ Hoshi killed each other and stole Lord, Rebellion Zion showed its fierce resistance by successfully stealing Clay with Cecilion. In the 43rd minute of the first game, the victory fell to RRQ Hoshi.

In the second match, RRQ Hoshi Albert with Hayabusa, Skylar with Karrie, R7 with Grock, Vyn with Valentina, and Clay with Cecilion as the first pick.

On the other hand, Rebellion Zion made a choice by bringing Birul with Brody, Vall with Angela, Dyren with Esmeralda, Jisaa with Ling, and Swaylow with Yve.

At the beginning of this second game, Vyn managed to get First Blood with the fall of Swaylow. By playing more aggressively, RRQ Hoshi really caused a lot of trouble for Rebellion Zion.

Rebellion ZIon was able to withstand a super epic attack from RRQ Hoshi in the 8th minute. Unfortunately, the king’s attack could no longer be thwarted by Rebellion Zion in the 14th minute when RRQ Hoshi won the second game

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