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Rainbow Six Quarantine Gets Official Title

First launched in 2022, Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the FPS games with a myriad of fans around the world. We can’t doubt Ubisoft’s ability to mix First-Person Shooter games.

Since its first release, Rainbow Six Siege has dominated First-Person Shooter-themed games. Talking about this, three years after Ubisoft released the game, they created an event called Outbreak.

The name of the newest Rainbow Six!

This Outbreak features gameplay that allows players to move quickly and is loved by players. No wonder that Ubisoft is interested in bringing the event as a new game.

Not long ago, they announced that they would bring the Outbreak event as the main inspiration for a new game called Quarantine. This indirectly allows Rainbow Six Siege players to be able to play Outbreak again in Quarantine.

But Quarantine has not become the official name for the game. Which in the few months after the announcement, news emerged that Ubisoft changed the name Quarantine to Parasite for various reasons.

The name of the latest Rainbow Six game also reaps the pros and cons of the fans. There are those who agree with the name Quarantine, and there are also fans who agree more with the name Parasite. But now Ubisoft has made an official decision.

Ubisoft has announced that Rainbow Six Extraction will be the official name of their newest game. Through a videosexplains a little about the situation you will face in the game.

But unfortunately, there is no information other than this official name announcement. Ubisoft itself confirmed that they will provide the latest information from Extraction at Ubisoft Forward through E3 2022 on June 13.

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