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Evolution 2 Officially Announced, Launching Later This Year

In the past week, there have been rumors saying that a new Jurassic Park game will be announced. This rumor itself comes from Jurassic World’s own Twitter account. Then it was strengthened by the presence of Jeff Goldblum at the 2022 Summer Game Fest.

For those of you who don’t know, Jeff Goldblum is a person who has starred in various Jurassic Park films. It’s no wonder that seeing Goldblum be announcing something new regarding Jurassic Park at Summer Game Fest today.

Jeff Goldblum announces Jurassic World: Evolution 2

Sure enough, through today’s Summer Game Fest, Goldblum has announced Jurassic World: Evolution 2. The sequel to Jurassic World: Evolution is scheduled to launch later this year.

Through trailers duration of 2 minutes, you will see a little world of the game. There are many species of dinosaurs that you are likely to take care of and keep in the same place (the park).

Launching late 2022

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Officially Announced Launching Late 2021
Jurassic World Evolution 2 | Rock Paper Shotgun

However, this is certainly not easy, you have to deal with various issues that threaten the peace and safety of the animals, guests, and people who work in the park.

Regardless, Jurassic World: Evolution is scheduled to launch later this year for next-gent consoles, including PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Will this latest sequel be as successful as the first game that has been around for a long time? Interesting for us to wait.

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