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Ragnar Magic Chess, The Right Choice for Early Game

Mobile Legends seems to be one of the timeless mobile games, right? Although many games have emerged with similar concepts, Mobile Legends still has its own place in the hearts of its audience. Are you one of those who love Mobile Legends? If so, surely you are already familiar with magic chessyes?

This is the latest mode of the Mobile Legends game released by Moonton. The game mode that carries the concept idle games It is played on a 6×7 chessboard with a Little Commander. To make the game more exciting, you can choose commander for the team, one of the recommendations is Ragnar magic chess.

No different from other modes in Mobile Legends, in magic chess, you can also raise rank or tier to the highest order. Besides that, you can also try out various characters commanders, heroes, create combo and synergy to get maximum power during the game so that victory is easily obtained.

Commander be the main character of magic chess. This character comes with a cute shape at the bottom left of the game board and has the task of strategizing the match. When the team you are playing against wins the game, commander This is yours which will attack later commander enemy. Not only that, commander also plays a role in providing information related to the life you have in the form of HP bars. If this HP bar runs out, you will definitely lose.

Until now, Moonton continues to develop new characters commander magic chess. You can get all commander this by buying it through shopexcept commander Harper which will indeed be given for free to all players magic chess beginner.

Well, each character commander it has a unique ability that you can use to win the match. You can also combine it with the best heroes to create combo and the strongest synergy to defeat the opponent.

Ragnar Magic ChessThe Right Choice for Early Games

ragnar magic chess combo

Besides commander Harper that you can get at the beginning of the game, you can also choose commander Ragnar magic chess as a team strategist. What’s the character like? Ragnar magic chess in the game?

Ragnar’s character is described as similar to a seal equipped with a viking-style uniform. If you are already familiar with games Mobile Legends, maybe you are familiar with Franco’s character. Now, commander Ragnar is described as a tiny and cute form of Franco’s character.

Armed with weapons such as axes, commander Ragnar is very appropriate to use for early games or early game because damage given by the opponent will not have too much impact on the team. Of course, this cannot be separated from skills that carried the Viking who was able to regenerate HP.

Commander Ragnar in fashion magic chess has three abilities that are very useful for the team, namely Regen, Defense, and Recovery. So, so as not to be curious, here is an explanation of the three abilities possessed by Ragnar magic chess:

  1. Regen (level 1). This ability allows Ragnar to restore HP up to 4 HP. Meanwhile, Ragnar needs around 3 round for recovery or cooldown of this ability.
  2. Defense (level 2). Next is the ability possessed commander Ragnar magic chess this can help reduce damage received up to 50%. Same as regen skills, Ragnar needs 3 round for cooldown.
  3. Recovery (level 3). Rising at level 3, Ragnar has the ability Recovery which is able to restore HP up to as much as 8 HP when his HP is below 20%.

However, you need to know that skills This can not be used directly or all at once in one game. That means, you still need to increase the number experience or exp from commander Ragnar if you want to have all these abilities up to level 3.

Skins Ragnar Magic Chess

skin ragnar magic chess

In order not to lose fans, Moonton made events with certain attractive prizes. Usually, the prizes offered are in the form of skin for characters so that they look cooler and their abilities increase. Well, specifically for Mobile Legends players magic chessgifts in the form of skin exclusive to commander to be the most awaited, as well as magic coins and little commander double exp card.

Then, skin like what has Ragnar magic chess? It turns out, commander This one is equipped with skin Vikings Ragnar. However, you can’t easily get skin Ragnar magic chess this one. The reason is, this exclusive gift is only given to players magic chess which is already on rank or tier Master and higher. While for tier below, the prizes given are premium skin fragments.

Even so, you don’t need to be discouraged. Of course you just need to upgrade rank by continuously honing their playing skills and winning matches. Don’t forget to keep improving skills commander Ragnar by combining together the best heroes and creating combo and good synergy.

Later, you will find many commander others with cooler abilities than Ragnar. Certainly curious, right, what are the characters commander others in fashion magic chess this? There are still Eva, Pao, Yuki, Eggie, Buss, Abe, and many more.

Apart from increasing tieryou can still get skin favorite character, really. The trick is to buy it using diamonds. If the amount diamonds what you have is still not enough, you can buy it directly through UniPin. Choose your own quantity diamonds that suits your needs. Then, complete the transaction with the available payment methods. Don’t be tempted by the price diamonds cheap, yes! Be aware of the many scams with this offer. Make sure you only buy diamonds in a trusted place like UniPin.

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