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Pubg Mobile Introduces New Map Livik

Pubg Mobile Introduces New Map LivikPubg Mobile is one of the many mobile games that are quite popular today, not only favored by local gamers, this survival-themed game has become a mandatory game in several countries.

As time goes by, the prestige of this game made by Tencent continues to experience a significant increase in both the number of downloads and the positive response from players to this game, it’s no wonder Pubg Mobile is so aggressively pampering its players with various interesting events and surprising updates.

Through this update, Tencent can always make the players feel at home playing their games. Apart from bringing some improvements, adjustments to some technical problems in the game, it also always tries to bring the latest innovations to the players.

Pubg Mobile Introduces New Map Livik

One way to make the players feel at home is by presenting a variety of new things in the Pubg Mobile game, such as the presence of new weapons, new vehicles, to new maps that can make players feel challenged to continue playing this game.

As quoted from the twitter page @PUBGMOBILE his party has tweeted to inform that they are presenting a new map called Livik, there is not much information that we can find in his twitter tweet.

Pubg Mobile Livik Map

One thing is for sure right now it is opening a beta route for players who want to feel the sensation of playing with this Livik map, if you are interested in trying it, just click on the following link Pubg Mobile Livik Betathe livik map itself can be said to be not a hundred percent really a new map on Pubg Mobile.

Livik itself is a map that may be quite familiar to players, because after playing this map you will think that this map is a combination of Sanhok, Erangel and Vikendi combined into one new map.

Regarding the release date for the global version, there is currently no information that we can get, it is interesting for us to look forward to this map in the latest Pubg Mobile update.

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