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Epic Games Store Has Reached 61 Million Monthly Active Users!

Epic games store active user

Epic Games Store has reached 61 million monthly active users, this is because of the free games that are always provided by them. The distribution of the free games started on May 14, and consists of a series of games from well-known game developers, the games consist of Grand Theft Auto 5, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, and Civilization 6. The requirements to get it are not difficult, you guys. Just create an account and you can claim the game right away.

“Since launching the Epic Games Store, we’ve always wanted to create a big event around our hugely successful weekly Free Games program to bring something extraordinary to players around the world, and we decided to expand our name,” said Steve Allison, general manager. from the Epic Games Store, in a statement.

Simultaneous active users have reached a record 13 million”the tallest” and monthly active users on PC is more than 61 million.

“We invested in acquiring the rights to give away four of the world’s greatest games for free,” said Steve Allison, general manager for the Epic Games Store. “In 2022, we have grown at a historic rate.”

Epic Games Store Has Reached 61 Million Monthly Active Users!

For now the most popular digital platform is being occupied by Steam, Steam has 100 million users. According to Valve, in the past three months, Steam has reached 20 million concurrently active users. If Epic Games always set a weekly free game, maybe they can catch up with Steam in the future.

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