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Psychoo Just Made His Debut In The Last Week Of The Game? Here's Why Games

RRQ Hoshi player ‘Psychoo’, finally made his MPL ID season 9 debut in the final against Evos Legends.

In el clasico, Psychoo stepped in to replace Clay and played as Midlaner of RRQ Hoshi.

In that match, Psychoo played fully in the three games played between RRQ Hoshi and Evos Legends in el clasico volume II.

As a result, RRQ Hoshi won the match against his eternal rival with a score of 2-1.

Even though he rarely played, Psychoo’s performance at the event was quite good. He is capable of being the main damage source for RRQ Hoshi

Psychoo finally opened his voice and gave his reasons regarding his debut at that important moment

“I don’t know, maybe it’s from the coach, because it’s the coach who decides. Maybe it’s because I’m also a secret weapon and it’s an important match, so I can think of it.” Psychoo said with a laugh.

Psychoo considers himself a secret card for RRQ Hoshi. He can be taken down at a crucial moment because he can surprise his enemies

With Psychoo’s role change, it will be difficult for opponents when dealing with RRQ hoshi because it is rarely seen what hero he uses in competitive schemes

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