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Promo Diamond Mobile Legends June

Want to top up Mobile Legends and get a bonus? Are you looking for the latest MLBB diamond top up promo? If so, you can take advantage of the latest promos from UniPin and Indosat below. There are various bonuses and prizes that you can get, you know

Just use the following promo. Through this promo, you can top up diamonds cheaper. Plus, you can get bonuses/gifts in the form of: 2 GB internet quota bonus, you can get UniPin Credits bonus, and also bonus skin + MLBB items.

Santuy Promo (One Month Top Up Cihuy) at UniPin

You can use this promo for: Mobile Legends diamond top up on UniPin. Here are the terms and how to use the promo.

  • Promo period: 22 June – 21 July 2022.
  • Top up MLBB diamonds on UniPin using Indosat IM3 credit during the promo period.
  • This promo is valid for a minimum top up of IDR 10,000.
  • 2500 users will get a bonus of 2GB IM3 internet quota during the promo period. The internet quota bonus can only be obtained once during the promo period which will be sent within 7 working days after a successful transaction.
  • 50 selected users who log into their UniPin account before top up, will get an additional bonus of 50,000 UniPin Credits and skin + MLBB items. So, when you top up, make sure you log into your UniPin account.
  • Bonus UniPin Credits and skin + MLBB items will be sent to the user’s UniPin account email within 7 working days after the promo period ends.
  • Bonus skin + MLBB items can be redeemed at the following link:
  • Bonus skin + MLBB items can be redeemed until December 21, 2022.
  • This promo cannot be combined with other promos.

What are you waiting for, immediately use this promo and buy a Mobile Legend diamond on UniPin.

How to Top Up Mobile Legends Using IM3 Credit (Indosat)

In order to enjoy this promo, you need to top up MLBB using Indosat/IM3 credit on UniPin. This is the way.

  1. Open the MLBB diamond purchase page on UniPin.
  2. Enter your game account id and zone id. Then select the nominal diamond to be up ML UniPin
  3. In the payment method section, you can choose sms & mobile. Then choose to pay using Indosat (IM3). pay using IM3
  4. Then just make a payment according to the payment method you choose.

In order to get these bonuses, make sure you log in to your UniPin account before you top up. If you don’t have a UniPin account yet, let’s register for a UniPin account here: UniPin registration page.

Let’s just use the latest Mobile Legends promo. Happy gaming!

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