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Prevent Game Addiction Children, Tencent Will Apply Face Scan Feature!

Addiction to playing a game is experienced by all ages. Not only adults, but also children who are still underage. Addiction like this can be found all over the world.

Although sometimes this addiction has a positive impact, it will also have a negative effect for the person experiencing it. Including children who incidentally still can’t control themselves.

Face Scan feature for Game play!

Prevent Children Addicted to Game Tencent Will Apply Face Scan Feature
Tencent |

There are many ways to overcome addiction in playing this game. One of them comes from Tencent which will implement the Facial Recognition feature or face scan in their game.

Launching from the site Weixin, it is known that Tencent plans to bring a Facial Recognition feature in some of their game applications. This feature itself allows to control minors in China cannot play games beyond the time limit that has been recommended by the government.

In addition, the Chinese government also prohibits minors from carrying out various microtransactions activities that exceed a predetermined limit. Furthermore, this Facial Recognition feature will scan the player’s face and check the identity of the player’s name and face.

Prevent kids from getting addicted to games

Prevent Children Addicted to Game Tencent Will Apply Face Scan Feature
Children Playing Games | ABC News

If the underage player exceeds the specified limit, they will not be able to play the game. These minors will be able to play the game again when they get time to play again.

Because it is still new, this facial scan feature has only been installed in several Tencent games such as Glory of the King and Peace Elite. Interestingly, players who deliberately avoid reading scans in the game, the system will automatically assume that players are minors.

This automatically makes the game unplayable because this feature is a requirement to play it. What is your opinion about this? Give your feedback.

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