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Practical Ways to Top Up Genshin Impact Using Google Play

One of the popular mobile games and a favorite of gamers is Genshin Impact. In addition to playing games, gamers can also top up Genshin Impact to get crystals that can be used to purchase various items in the game.

There are many ways to top up Genshin Impact that can be used. For example, using Google Play, using the App Store (for iOS users), or by doing a practical top up on the web.

Practical Ways to Top Up Genshin Impact

If you want to top up Genshin Impact practically, you just need to do the following steps.

  1. Go to web, go to page top up Genshin Impact.
  2. Next enter your Genshin account id, then select a server location.
  3. Next, select the nominal crystals that you will buy, then specify the payment method.
  4. If you top up on UniPin, you can pay via Indomaret/Alfamart. You can also pay by credit e-walletbank transfers, and various other payment methods.
    top up Genshin
  5. Next, confirm the purchase and immediately pay using the payment method that was chosen.
  6. After the payment is successful, Genesis Crystals (GC) will go directly to your Genshin account.

That was the practical way to top up using features flash top up on UniPin. This feature allows you to top up Genshin and crystals directly into your account.

How to Top Up Genshin on Google Play

In addition to the methods we have discussed, you can also top up Genshin via Google Play. This method can also be used by Android users who want to top up online games via Google Play. Here are the steps that need to be done.

  1. Make sure your Google Play account is filled with balance. If not, you can top up first using a Google Play voucher.
  2. You can buy Google Play vouchers in various places. For example, at Indomaret/Alfamart. Or it could be with buy Google Play vouchers directly on UniPin.
    buy google play vouchers
  3. After successfully getting the Google Play voucher code, do the redemption directly on the Play Store.
  4. To redeem the voucher code, you can open the Play Store, then click the menu redeem.
    play store redeem
  5. Then just enter the voucher code that you bought earlier. After successful redemption, Google Play balance will be filled and ready to use.
    redeem voucher code
  6. Now, if your Google Play balance is filled, you just have to open the Genshin Impact game and then enter the top up/purchase menu.
  7. Next you can directly top up and pay via Google Play. Especially by using the Google Play balance that you filled in earlier.

Please note that your voucher or Google Play balance can be used to top up all the Android games you play. With a note, the game account is connected to your Google Play account.

To purchase Google Play vouchers at a lower price, you can also use various online game top up promos available at

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